Minneapolis City Council Looking To Defund The Police Hires $4500 A Day Private Security

The Minneapolis City Council is looking to fully defund their police department. Not reduce funding, eliminate them. They’ve voted on it. Yet

Minneapolis council members calling to defund police spend $63G on private security details after receiving death threats

Several Minneapolis City Council members who have received death threats following their calls to defund the police after the death of George Floyd have been assigned private security details — reportedly costing the city $4,500 a day in taxpayer dollars.

According to information obtained by Fox News, the city has spent $63,000 on private security over the last three weeks.

“The names of the people getting security details are not public,” a city spokesperson told Fox News Saturday.

The names of three council members who are receiving private security detail have already been made public, two of whom interviewed with local affiliate Fox 9 on Friday. The spokesperson did not respond to Fox News’ questions about whether or not there were additional council members receiving security detail.

The threats reportedly came after the council members were vocal in their calls to defund the Minneapolis Police Department (MPD).

The Minneapolis City Council unanimously approved a proposal to eliminate the city’s police department Friday, initiating steps toward establishing a new “holistic” approach to public safety.

Must be nice to use public funds to get private security protection, something most citizens cannot afford. If only there was a group that already works for the government which could do this….oh, right, they’ve pissed them off in trying to take all their jobs away. Why aren’t they depending on the holistic approach themselves? Surely a social worker could provide protection, right?

The Minneapolis Police Department, which would traditionally provide security in this scenario, could not be reached by Fox News but told Fox 9 that the MPD does not have any records of recent threats against the three council members — adding that it was possible the record could have been filed confidentially.

“Council members have reported to staff numerous threats to themselves personally,” the city told Fox News Saturday.

One of the council members who spoke with Fox 9 said they did not alert the threats to the MPD because they were consumed with dealing with the “global pandemic and global uprising” after Floyd‘s death. But they noted that the threats had been wide-ranging, attacking their ethnicity, gender identity and sexuality.

Isn’t the wise idea to report threats to law enforcement so they are on record? That way they can be investigated and, at the least, be on record if someone needs to be arrested? Those private security folks can’t. How does the judicial system get involved if there are no complaints? Isn’t there a social worker on the force who could take the complaint?

This would be the state of cities when they defund the police: everyone else would fear for their lives (think legal and illegal ownership of firearms would spike?), and big wigs would get private security.


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3 Responses to “Minneapolis City Council Looking To Defund The Police Hires $4500 A Day Private Security”

  1. Liljeffyatemypuppy says:

    Stop the spread.
    Shelter in place.
    Masks won’t help.



  2. Elwood P. Dowd says:

    One would think that conservatives would prefer private security services over state-owned and operated police.

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