Climate Cultists Recommend Total Transformation Of Food System

You know the only way this happens, right? Government dictating it

New report recommends transforming food systems under climate change

The 70-page report, “Actions to Transform Food Systems Under Climate Change,”​ was developed under the guidance of the CGIAR Research Program on Climate Change, Agriculture and Food Security (CCAFS). It comes on the heels of a new assessment from the United Nations warning the pandemic could precipitate a “global food emergency.”

In the document, dairy is mentioned, as there is a recommendation to incentivize reductions in dairy consumption in 15 high- and middle-income countries and all C40 cities by 2030.

While overall, the document gives a “report card” ranking for the global food system as “grave concern,” it offers a global plan to rebuild all types of food production around the world—from smallholder farming to large-scale production—that have been rocked by the pandemic but will face even greater challenges from climate change.

“It’s time for all of us to get talking about food and most importantly about food systems,”​ said David Nabarro, a World Health Organization Special Envoy for COVID-19 and Curator of the Food Systems Dialogue, who is kicking off a round-the-world “relay” briefing on the action plan.

It’s always interesting how these climate elitists always want to institute measures that control everything, isn’t it? It’s like this has nothing to do with science.

The 11 actions include efforts to sustainably increase food production in developing countries in ways that increase incomes and food security in poor, agriculture-dependent rural communities. Doing so, the report states, could dramatically reduce the need for humanitarian assistance in the coming years, freeing up billions of dollars for investing in social safety nets.

Their policies usually end up increasing costs, while taking away choice.

In addition, the report lays out a policy framework for directing US$320bn in public and private finance to food systems transformation. And it seeks more support for “youth-centered social movements” committed to building sustainable food systems, noting they can be especially effective agents of change.

These people should just mind their own business. Or, hey, spend their own money. Stop attempting to force their beliefs on Everyone Else while refusing to change their own lives.

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