IEA Chief Warns We Only Have Six Months To Avoid Climate Doom Or Something

Set your alarm, see if doom starts in 6 months. Meh, we all know what happens: the people publishing this drek never follow up when the prognostications fail to materialize, and Warmists will just make new ones

World has six months to avert climate crisis, says energy expert

The world has only six months in which to change the course of the climate crisis and prevent a post-lockdown rebound in greenhouse gas emissions that would overwhelm efforts to stave off climate catastrophe, one of the world’s foremost energy experts has warned.

“This year is the last time we have, if we are not to see a carbon rebound,” said Fatih Birol, executive director of the International Energy Agency.

Governments are planning to spend $9tn (£7.2tn) globally in the next few months on rescuing their economies from the coronavirus crisis, the IEA has calculated. The stimulus packages created this year will determine the shape of the global economy for the next three years, according to Birol, and within that time emissions must start to fall sharply and permanently, or climate targets will be out of reach.

“The next three years will determine the course of the next 30 years and beyond,” Birol told the Guardian. “If we do not [take action] we will surely see a rebound in emissions. If emissions rebound, it is very difficult to see how they will be brought down in future. This is why we are urging governments to have sustainable recovery packages.”

It’s so strange that climate cultists want to change and control economies around the world, isn’t it? It’s almost like they’re making an excuse of a doomy climate to institute their beliefs, eh?

Creating jobs must be the priority for countries where millions have been thrown into unemployment by the impacts of the Covid-19 pandemic and ensuing lockdowns. The IEA’s analysis shows that targeting green jobs – such as retrofitting buildings to make them more energy efficient, putting up solar panels and constructing wind farms – is more effective than pouring money into the high-carbon economy.

So, they want to turn everyone into a low skill worker doing basic jobs.

Sam Fankhauser, executive director of the Grantham Research Institute on climate change at the London School of Economics, who was not involved in the report, said: “Building efficiency ticks all the recovery boxes – shovel-ready, employment intensive, a high economic multiplier, and is absolutely key for zero carbon [as it is] a hard-to-treat sector, and has big social benefits, in the form of lower fuel bills.”

But, how much of this really needs to be done? Most homes have insulation, as do business buildings. Remember how Obama, the Democrats, and even other countries tried this in the wake of the 2008 worldwide economic meltdown, wasted lots of money, and saw little return? Remember Obama laughing about the shovel ready jobs being not so ready? Most of these same type “green economy” jobs failed to materialize. There were a whole lot less than they said, and most disappeared because they were temporary jobs. The push for electric vehicles failed, as well.

But, this is not about anything but control. And we’ll get the same prognostication of climate doom in 6 months.

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2 Responses to “IEA Chief Warns We Only Have Six Months To Avoid Climate Doom Or Something”

  1. ruralcounsel says:

    The truth is the time these globalist authoritarians have to seize control of the energy sector is running out. Because we are in an temporary energy bubble now (thanks to fracking)it looks like we will not be energy limited. The reality is that in another 5-10 years, fossil fuel production is going to drop precipitously and energy prices will soar, and with them, all other prices, as our economies crater. Thirty years from now, we will be living like our ancestors did in the 1880’s. Fifty more years, and it will be like the 1700’s. Fossil fuel emissions will be the least of our problems. These globalists are just trying to gain control of what will be left, before it’s obvious what their play is.

  2. Dana says:

    Well, great. Mark your calendars, because December 19th is our last day to avoid doom! Doesn’t matter who wins the election, ’cause Donald Trump will still be President on December 19th!

    Well, let’s just make it December 31, 2020, or even New Year’s Day as the End of Things, to make things easier; Donald Trump will still be President! Doesn’t matter of Alzheimer’s Joe wins the election or not, or even if the Democrats sweep in the congressional elections, they still won’t be in office yet when the deadline passes.

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