Everything’s Stupid: Cereal Is Now Raaaaacist

This is one of the points where a serious conversation on a serious issue which most everyone agrees on and wants to see reform jumps the shark and people start tuning out and little gets done (via Twitchy)

I don’t need to post photos for you to know what the boxes look like, do I?

(UK Daily Mail) Coco Pops has been a much-loved breakfast staple for decades with one of the most recognisable mascots in TV advertising.

But Coco the Monkey has come under suspicion from disgraced former Labour MP Fiona Onasanya, who has written to Kellogg’s asking why they chose that animal to represent the chocolate-flavoured cereal when Rice Krispies uses ‘three white boys’.

Ms Onasanya, who was jailed for three months in January 2019 after she was convicted of lying to police about a speeding ticket, says that there is little difference between Coco Pops and sister brand Rice Krispies beyond their colour and flavour.

Of course, they aren’t 3 white boys, but three elves. And Coco Pops uses a monkey because it is for kids, and monkeys amuse kids, especially with a big wide smile. Seriously, when I see a monkey I think “monkey”, I don’t think “oh, black people.” But, race baiters like Fiona only see things in terms of race, because they’re nuts and have nothing better to do.

Other nutters demanding that the police be defunded, who riot, pillage, loot, commit arson and assault, who block fire trucks, who take over sections of a city, tearing down statues (but not those of Robert “KKK” Byrd), they aren’t helping at all, and cause many to tune out to the discussion. Idiots like Fiona cause people to say we no longer need a conversation, because this is all stupid.

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