Hot Take: The Nation Defends Property Destruction

Who wants to be that all the employees at The Nation, including writer R.H. Lossin, would have a big problem with their own homes and property being trashed

Uh huh

But what if property destruction is more than an understandable lapse of judgment and loss of control? What if it is not a frustrated, emotional reaction but a reasonable and articulate expression in itself? The destruction is too widespread to attribute it to a few bad actors, and in some cases—such as the attacks on the CNN headquarter and the widespread vandalism of Confederate monuments—too precise and symbolically potent to be attributed solely to an opportunistic “criminal” element. The fantasy of outside agitators—a perennial feature of politicians’ responses to radical political action—is a means of presenting the real threat posed by mass actions as something foreign to the action itself…

People are not objects; broken windows and burnt cars are simply not commensurate with the violence of state-sanctioned murder or the structural violence of poverty that has placed people of color at a disproportionate risk of dying of Covid-19. Plateglass windows don’t bleed. They don’t die and leave loved ones grieving. They don’t contribute to the collective trauma and terror experienced by their communities. They just break, and then, at some point, they are replaced by identical sheets of glass.

Yeah, this is one of those “it’s just property,” which is always cool when it is Someone Else’s property, right?

It really doesn’t get any better, but, hey, the Nation would be fine if their offices got trashed, rigth?

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2 Responses to “Hot Take: The Nation Defends Property Destruction”

  1. Klemdadiddlehopper says:


    You know how the US DEBT has a counter that is flying higher and higher.


    Keep up this insanity LIberals. Cha;;;;CHING!!!!!!

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