Lockdown Totally Shows What ‘Climate Change’ Looks Like In Sheffield

Charlotte Compton of the Sheffield Telegraph takes the exactly wrong lesson, but, that’s what cultists do

Lockdown has highlighted climate crisis

A city, not so long ago characterised by constant hustle and bustle, shut down its industries, shops and bars.

However, in the silence, the needs of the environment can easily be heard.

With fewer cars on the road and reduced transport services, the skies have taken a break from the smog which has lingered since its industrial past.

PHD student Rohit Chakraborty, who has been monitoring the impacts of the lockdown on the local air quality, says: “There was a drop of 40 per cent in nitrogen dioxide levels in the week after the lockdown announcement, compared with the previous week.”

This improvement, caused by reduced exhaust emissions, follows the national trend, as road traffic in the UK fell by 70 per cent in the first weeks of lockdown.

But, that is environmental issues, not a global warming issue. But, let’s consider one thing: the drop in pollutants effects the urban heat island effect, whereby urban areas hold more heat. Or it should have, right? Because the data isn’t showing any real difference, meaning that it is less anthropogenic and more what has always happened, nature doing its thing.

The lockdown has also seen the return of wildlife.

In Sheffield city centre, a morning commuter spotted a badger outside the railway station, while a deer was seen near The Moor Market.

That has zero do do with the “climate crisis”.

On a global level, the natural world has blossomed in the absence of people and industry, as a third of the world’s population are confined to home and economic activity has paused.

Again, nothing to do with the climate crisis, except this is what a world with enacted Cult of Climastrology policies will look like. People not working, people not able to go anywhere, people without money to go anywhere. Only the rich and elites will have the ability to purchase and use a $100,000+ all electric vehicle.

Peter Betts, previously the UK’s lead climate negotiator, says: “Closing down our entire economies for a period of weeks or months is not going to get us toward decarbonising.”

Unfortunately, just as the climate challenge started to build momentum, the cause has had to be put on hold.

Did Betts, and the Sheffield Telegraph, just advocate to close our economies down for years, if not permanently?

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2 Responses to “Lockdown Totally Shows What ‘Climate Change’ Looks Like In Sheffield”

  1. Dana says:

    Well, the lockdown certainly does show what the #GreenNewDeal would look like: millions unemployed, people unable to travel, and holed up in their tiny apartments, because they couldn’t afford to go anywhere.

    Pollution is the price we pay for civilization. We can make efforts to reduce it, but it will always exist.

    • Kye says:

      One must understand the leftist mindset. Perfection is the only acceptable answer and since that’s impossible the entire exercise is baloney. There is no compromise with leftism. It’s either all their way or, well riots in the streets, lock downs, race baiting, and all their censorship of other ideas. We would call it communism they call it “progressive democracy”. The death knell of the West.

      Trump 2020 We need fixin’ and he’s the guy to do it.

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