Durham, NC Joins The “Defund” Bandwagon

For those who live in North Carolina, and especially the Triangle area, Durham is considered to be one of the most criminal cities, if not the most criminal, in NC. Shootings, burglaries, assaults, property crimes. There are sections of Durham where you just do not go, even in the daytime. Many stores have bullet proof plexiglass where the money is taken. So, yeah, let’s defund the police

Defunding police part of discussion for Durham, as council votes on new budget

In cities across the country, some protesters calling for change are demanding that funding be cut to police departments. The idea of “defunding police departments” is gaining momentum as cities and counties look for the way forward after the death of George Floyd.

Gaining traction in Democrat run cities by uber-leftists. One has to wonder what the average Democrat thinks of this, wondering just who in the hell comes when they have been robbed, their car has been stolen, they’ve been raped, a family member has been murdered. They’re surely wondering who will stop crime, arrest criminals, and work to reduce crime. Oh, and they’re surely wondering if they will be able to sell their homes and get the hell out of dodge beforehand.

As concerned citizens question what “defunding the police” could look like locally, North Carolina municipal y leaders are getting ready to vote on new budgets.

First of all, leaders explain, any change would be gradual. Nothing would happen overnight.

Who would replace police?

The group Durham Beyond Policing explained that cities could form Crisis Intervention Teams. But primarily, their focus is on redirecting money to tackle the root causes of crime. The group believes rather than giving more money to police, cities should prioritize things like community centers, youth organizations and food security.

So, what, Government is going to run youth groups, indoctrinating them? Running supermarkets? Has any reporter asked a rather important question of these defund nutters, namely “government has already spent enormous amounts on education and projects to “tackle the root causes of crime”: how is removing the police going to help? What specific projects would tackle those root causes?”

One member of the group, Danielle Purifoy, said, “The institutions that we have right now, if they were invested in the ways that we invest in the police, would do a much better job of keeping us safe than the police do now.”

The thing is, these types of folks are typically long on talking points and short on actual plans.

Jillian Johnson, who serves as mayor pro tempore and on Durham City Council, said, “Some cities have Crisis Response Teams that are unarmed.”

In all fairness, things like that are not bad ideas. We don’t always need to send armed law enforcement officers for every call. The LA Times editorial board actually has some good ideas along these lines, and are also not down with the whole defund thing. Let’s say it’s just reducing the police budget heavily: can you guess who gets hurt the most? Law enforcement will spend more of their limited money, time, and resources in the middle and upper class neighborhoods, both residential and business. The poor sections will get a driveby patrol now and then. It’ll basically be mid-90’s Detroit.

Good point. All those mayors and city council members, nutters like Ilhan Omar and AOC, and others calling for defunding the police should have their own security pulled. Further, let’s ban the use of private security in those same cities.

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4 Responses to “Durham, NC Joins The “Defund” Bandwagon”

  1. Nighthawk says:

    It’s not just defunding the police. I just saw a list of demands by BLM that calls for defunding jails and prisons. Decriminalizing drugs and prostitution and do this retroactively AND pay reparations to these people. A call for reparations for slavery. And, of course, the obligatory bow to the AGW cult and the universal health care cult.

    You want a dystopian society? Meet these insane demands and you get a dystopian society.

    • david7134 says:

      Look at the segment from Tucker Carlson from Monday. He gives a good run down on what an evil organization BLM is. This is a major power play by the Dems.

  2. Kye says:

    All day long on any Discovery Channel they’ve been running an ad for an Oprah show tomorrow about “justice for blacks”. She has a litany of VIP blacks all coming on to explain why it’s okay for blacks to hate whites and how horrible it is to be black in America. So we now have a Billionaire Black broad and a dozen or so rich black (and I’m sure they’ll weasel in some guilty white elitist leftists) telling us what “their DEMANDS” are. Got that? DEMANDS. Not requests, not suggestions, DEMANDS.

    We NEED a civil war. We fought the wrong people last time.

    Trump 2020 Because I’m not running!

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