Racism Is Killing The Planet With ‘Climate Change’ Or Something

See, there are still a few articles about Hotcoldwetdry which bring in Coronavirus, particularly when discussing economic recovery, but, the climate cultists are mostly now moving on from Bat Soup Virus and attempting to hijack Black Lives Matter

Racism Is Killing the Planet

Last week, my family and I attended an interfaith rally in Los Angeles in defense of Black life. We performed a group ritual in which we made noise for nine minutes to mark the last moments of George Floyd’s life. My wife, my oldest daughter, and I played African drums to mark those nine minutes with the rhythm of a beating heart. Da-dum, da-dum, da-dum, over and over again.

While we drummed, I realized how difficult it is to keep up any physical activity for nine minutes straight. Most of us can’t even sit completely still on our butts for nine minutes; if you’ve ever meditated, you understand why they refer to sitting as practice.

As I struggled to maintain my posture and keep up the rhythm, I thought about the level of commitment it takes to hold someone down for nine minutes straight. The realization horrified me. The cop who has been charged with murdering George Floyd had to have been deeply committed to taking his life. The police officer had so many chances to let up the pressure, to let George live. Yet the officer made the choice not to.

To spend nine minutes taking the life-breath from another person: That is what white supremacy does to white people. That is what white supremacy does to the rest of us too. White supremacy robs each of us of our humanity. It causes white people to view Black people as less than human. Every one of those cops watching George die was convinced that the man pinned to the ground was less than human, was in some way disposable.

Here’s one question: how do we know Chauvin is a white supremacist, and not just a murderous asshole? Another question would be “why do things like this mostly happen in areas run by Democrats?” And yet another would be “what is your plan to deal with this other than drumming for 9 minutes?” Oh, and, how about “why is the Sierra Club so overwhelmingly white in their employment and the people who support them? Hop Hopkins, who writes this article, is one of the very, very few black voices working for the Sierra Club

An idea—a long-overdue realization—is growing in the environmental movement. It goes something like this: “We’ll never stop climate change without ending white supremacy.” This argument has entered the outdoor recreation and conservation space thanks to the leadership of Black, Indigenous, and other people of color in the climate justice movement. The idea has taken on new force as folks in the mainstream environmental movement do our best to show up for George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Tony McDade, and all the Black people still living and subject to police violence.

I know that a lot of people are struggling with the thought that addressing the environmental crises must involve dismantling white supremacy. At Sierra Club meetings, some people hear me say something like that and think, “Damn, fighting climate change wasn’t hard enough already? Now we have to end racism and white supremacy too? Seriously, man?” (snip)

Here’s why: You can’t have climate change without sacrifice zones, and you can’t have sacrifice zones without disposable people, and you can’t have disposable people without racism.(snip)

In order to treat places and resources as disposable, the people who live there have to get treated like rubbish too. Sacrifice zones imply sacrificed people. Just think of Cancer Alley in Louisiana. Most of the towns there are majority Black, and nowadays they call it Death Alley, because so many Black folks have died from the poison that drives our extractive economy. Or think of the situation in the Navajo Nation, where uranium mines poisoned the wells and the groundwater and coal plants for decades poisoned the air. Or consider the South Side of Chicago, where I used to live, which for years was a dumping ground of petroleum coke (a fossil fuel byproduct) and where residents are still struggling against pollution-related diseases. I’ve lived in a lot of places, and just about every place I’ve ever lived has been targeted by big polluters as a dumping ground.

You know what the weird thing is? The vast majority of these “disposable zones” are in areas run by the Democratic Party. It’s almost like the party of the KKK and Jim Crow, who was a lot against the Civil Rights Act, has switched to patronizing blacks with free money and crappy affordable housing (paid by government) and all sorts of stuff to get their vote but really think of them as disposable, and it’s easier to control black people if you keep lots in areas that are “disposable”.

If all of this seems too neat a narrative, I’d ask if you remember Hurricane Katrina. In the aftermath of the storm, Black people who were just out looking for essential supplies were described by the news media as “looting” a grocery store. White people who were doing the same thing were described as “finding” bread and water. I’d ask if you remember Eric Garner and Dylan Roof. Eric Garner was choked to death by police for selling “loosies,” or single cigarettes. Dylan Roof murdered nine Black people during a Bible study group at their church; after being arrested, the police bought him a meal at a Burger King on the way to the police station.

Can someone explain to Hop which political party most of the media votes for and covers for and uses their talking points?

All I know is that if climate change and environmental injustice are the result of a society that values some lives and not others, then none of us are safe from pollution until all of us are safe from pollution. Dirty air doesn’t stop at the county line, and carbon pollution doesn’t respect national borders. As long as we keep letting the polluters sacrifice Black and brown communities, we can’t protect our shared global climate.

It’s a very long screed, long on whines, short on offering any solutions. But, I’ll give it an A for effort for attempting to hijack the George Floyd movement, which will cause lots of people to tune out to the notion that there really does need to be some reform in law enforcement, from the FBI to state, county, and local police.

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  1. Robert says:

    Climate change is not controlable by humankind. We can make a difference in pollution but global warming/cooling, not a change.

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