If All You See…

…is a wonderful low carbon bike which should replace fossil fueled travel for Other People, you might just be a Warmist

The blog of the day is Datechguy’s Blog, with a post on questions for the Dems, the media, and BLM.

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7 Responses to “If All You See…”

  1. Klemdadiddlehopper says:

    “We’re attacking big, known businesses like Apple, Boost … Target, Walmart, Best Buy, all that s–t, Gucci … Whatever the f–k you all like, you better lock your doors!” one protester tells him in the video. This protester calls the looting “slavery money … So when we take it back or we burn it down, yeah. We’re getting back what’s ours. You won’t give it up? Okay, you ain’t having it no more.”

    SEE APPLE, GOOGLE, AMAZON. These people that you have pandered too for a decade. HATE YOU!!!!

    They despise everything you are and stand for. The people that really pay your bills and make you money are the working folk in Middle America. The working folk in the big cities. These lunatics HATE YOU and everything you stand for.

    Remember that the next time you tell us to believe in AGW or don’t buy your products. We just might take you up on that. I know I for one own a Microsoft cell phone…Screw Google, Use Bing for my search engine and refuse to buy or use anything Apple.

    My only failure is in using YOUTUBE which I am hoping that the DOJ will break up YouTube and force GOOGLE to divest of YouTube as a monopoly.


    YouTube dominated the market by making everything on Youtube free. Everyone could make money so why go to any other service that tried to do the same thing. Once the competition was crushed they then stared a severe lockdown of anyone who did not toe the far leftist line politically, posted anything they disagreed with and started demonitizing 10’s of thousands of people who have no where else to turn.

    THE DOJ HIRED THE LAWYER who beat MICROSOFT on their monopoly charge. This means something big is coming down the pipe and I firmly believe it is YOUTUBE going to take a beating for this. GOOGLE search engine? NO…Its free.

    YouTube is a service that makes trillions in advertising per year and is using their position to squash all competition. BuH BYE YouTube as we know it.

  2. formwiz says:

    Blue flu.

    We’ll see how tough the Democrats are with nobody to protect them.

  3. Klemdadiddlehopper says:

    Trump directs Pentagon to pull 9,500 US troops from Germany by September.

    Why? Merkel continues to build a pipeline under the Baltic sea from RUSSIA directly to BERLIN to get billions of cubic feet of natural gas per year from Russia despite the fact the country hates Russia and voted against them reentering the G-7 and they are this BIG anti- fossil FUEL nation.

    Trump pulls patriot missiles and 2 fighter wings from Saudia Arabia because they keep over producing oil crushing America’s and the world’s oil industry.

    Trump punishes people economically. Saudia Arabia announced this week they will cut another 1 million BBL’s of oil from production. Trump might send the missile batteries back.

    Poor Saudia Arabia had to up their VAT TAX from 5-15 percent or pay for their own defense. They had to suspend the cost of living allowance they give every citizen of nearly 250 dollars per month to offset the high cost of living there.

    No other politician has the guts to go toe to toe with these people. They send protests via cable to a low level official who throws the cable away and says Fuk that I aint going to stand against Merkel or The king. Trump picks up the phone and says….oh they are busy….tell em XXXX. Have a good day, get back to me when you want to do whats right.

    KOREA, Australia and INDIA are joinning the G-7. Pretty soon he might just get rid of GERMANY and replace them with the Ukraine, further cutting off Merkel. Russian collusion??? There hasn’t been a president more determined to take on Russia economically than Trump and if he was colluding with the Russians they would not have a 1000 sanctions in place against them put there by Trump.

    Obama sent the Ukraine MRE’s. Trump sent them missiles. Why do people support Trump? Hes an A-hole but so was quite a few presidents in the past. Were tired of lying, sniveling cowards in the White house willing to send our children to die for something only to watch it pissed away by the next president or the next.

    • Kye says:

      Thank God you are back. I clicked on here abot 7am and there were nothing but “Elwood P. Dowd” down the comment list. 7AM is way too fukin’ early for that much crazy. If I wanted to start off my day with that much nonsense I’d begin at Vox. So I clicked over to PowerLine and checked out the Week in Pictures. Now that Elwood is down to 2 comments in a row from 8, I can read here again. I’m so tired of reading the same propaganda shit over and over in all his posts. It’s monotonous.

      Speaking of monotony: Trump 2020 Wipe out the commies or throw them out.


      • Elwood P. Dowd says:


        Connies respond to TRUTH the same way vampires respond to a cross. Hissing and spitting and averting their gaze.

        The truth IS monotonous, isn’t it? You know why. It stays the same. Connie lies/conspiracies are like water, always draining to the lowest level at each impediment.

        DumptRump2020: Take American Back from the Connie Minority

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