Bummer: States Are Concerned Coronavirus May Doom Their “Climate Crisis” Projects

Suddenly, states are realizing that they can’t just spend willy nilly on projects to solve a fake issue when a real issue crops up

States Warn That Virus May Doom Climate Projects

Connecticut is preparing to build a first-of-its-kind underground flood wall. Virginia has planned an intricate system of berms, pump stations and raised roads to keep the flood-prone city of Norfolk dry. Louisiana has broken ground on a new community for people forced to flee a village on its sinking coast, the country’s first government-resettled climate migrants.

Projects in 13 cities and states, which were part of the Obama administration’s push to protect Americans from climate change after the devastation from Hurricane Sandy, are now in jeopardy because of the coronavirus pandemic, state and local officials warn. And they need Republicans in Congress to save those projects.

That would be the Superstorm Sandy (which was not an actual hurricane when it hit those northern states) which we were told would be the new normal, and hasn’t had a recurrence.

On Monday, officials are expected to tell lawmakers that the coronavirus will prevent them from meeting the conditions of a $1 billion Obama-era program for large-scale construction projects that defend cities and states against climate-related disasters. That money must be spent by the fall of 2022.

Missing that deadline, which officials say is likely because of delays caused by the coronavirus, would mean forfeiting the remaining money, scuttling the projects. States and cities have been moving swiftly in the design phases and to secure permits since the Obama administration awarded the funds in 2016. Officials will ask Congress to extend the deadline for construction by three years, according to a copy of the letter obtained by The New York Times.

“Without an extension, any funds not spent by the deadline will be canceled and projects will remain unfinished,” the letter reads.

If this is so important, why don’t the states and municipalities ask all those Believer citizens and supporting companies to chip in? Surely, members of the Cult of Climastrology would have no problem ponying up their own money for this, right? Lots of money.

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2 Responses to “Bummer: States Are Concerned Coronavirus May Doom Their “Climate Crisis” Projects”

  1. Mike says:

    Implying that the coronavirus is a “real issue”. lol

  2. Klemdadiddlehopper says:

    Interesting conversation I had with my brother who was rushed to the hospital a few days ago. They immediately put him in a COVID-19 ward to test him before they would do much else for him. He tested negative, but had many symptoms. This happened in Cheyenne, Wyoming where he was driving Railroaders from Denver to Cheyenne.

    The interesting aspect of this according to my brother is that in the biggest city in Wyoming the Doctor told him they have had ZERO WUHAN FLU cases in over two weeks in the hospital. Yet John Hopkins as of today suggests there is 188 confirmed cases in the county.

    The doctor in charge of the virus said there is more like 80 and all of those are mild and none have required ICU or even hospitalization in the last 2-3 weeks.

    So why is there 188 confirmed cases listed at John Hopkins? Cause they don’t update their data base. when people are healed they are still counted as cases. So the numbers keep climbing and climbing.

    In other news one of the stars on the internet in reporting on the virus finally made an astounding confession. He claimed that all the journals were the gold standard, that if they said something it was gospel.

    Now he is finding too much conjecture, speculation and hearsay in NEJM and others to fully trust what they are saying.

    In short. While there is a virus and it can be deadly the consensus of opinion by the SCIENTIFIC EXPERTS IS THAT from 5 percent to 80 percent of people are asymptomatic. That sounds Like AGW scientific reasoning.

    60 percent of the world is going to be infected. 100’s of million might die. THE MODELS SAY SO.

    Therefore by extrapolation we should believe the DIRE, DOOMSDAY SCENARIOS put to us by AGW Modelers who claim to know the future 100 years from today.

    Yeah sounds a lot like the CCP is paying our scientists under the table. I suggest we put some FBI agents under the table. Well actually never mind, they would just take the money and blame it on the russians.

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