Brits Send Their Luggage Separately To 2nd Homes

Like Michigan, Britain has a lockdown on traveling to a 2nd home, and they have found a novel way to get around it

Coronavirus: Second home-owners ‘evading police checkpoint detection by sending luggage ahead’

Second-home owners are reportedly ignoring the coronavirus lockdown rules by posting their luggage ahead of them to avoid detection at police checkpoints.

According to The Sun, couriers have reportedly been tasked with transporting luggage for those looking to escape to coastal regions during the Easter bank holiday.

During the government’s lockdown, road blocks have been set up by several regional police forces to dissuade would-be holidaymakers from travelling.

By sending their luggage in advance of their trip, second-home owners have reportedly been able to pass through the checkpoints since officers have no reason to suspect they are on holiday.

This has made the police Very Angry. Seriously, how dare people isolate themselves in their 2nd homes!

North Wales Police said in a statement soon afterwards: “Unbelievably we are investigating reports that people are sending their suitcases via courier with their clothes to holiday homes in Wales!,” the force’s rural crime team tweeted.

“So if they get stopped en-route they are not found with them. Surely people aren’t that selfish and cunning…are they?”

“Rural crime team.” What is so criminal, or selfish, about getting the hell out of dodge and going to a 2nd home? As long as people are keeping their distance from other people, what’s the problem?

If caught, they should just claim they are illegal aliens undocumented residents or Muslims or transgenders, you can bet law enforcement will leave them alone.

Michigan state troopers say they will only enforce the ban if someone gets caught for a different driving offense. At least for the moment. The mayor of Saginaw, Michigan, has gone brown-shirt

Saginaw Mayor Floyd Kloc is imposing overnight travel restrictions beginning Thursday and lasting for a full week.

His order prohibits travel on any county or local roads from 9 p.m. to 6 a.m. daily from Thursday evening through the morning of April 16.

Only essential travel for food, medicine, gas, banking and medical care will be allowed during those hours. Residents are asked to avoid non-essential travel and comply with any police orders.

He said the Saginaw Police Department is enforcing Gov. Gretchen Whitmer’s “Stay Home, Stay Safe” order and will be monitoring travel in the city overnight.

“Residents who disregard this order must realize the severity of their actions,” Kloc said. “They are putting others at risk. There must be consequences to such recklessness in order to protect our vulnerable populations and the public servants who risk their health for our safety.”

Again, if you aren’t interacting with anyone else, what is the harm? And, it is a personal decision. Remember how parents used to expose us to chicken pox when we were kids? Well, we’re adults now. These authoritarians love talking about “my body my choice” when it comes to killing the unborn, but refuse to allow us a choice in our own lives for anything else.

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