After Getting Senate Dems To Block Bipartisan Bill, Pelosi Offers Pork Laden Modern Socialist House Bill

It’s easy for Nancy Pelosi to be cavalier when offer legislation that is supposed to help struggling and scared Americans, since she has made some serious money during her decades in Congress, and has no concerns with losing her house, her car, feeding her family, and so forth, not too mention that she draws a government paycheck, can eat at the Congressional building cafeteria, etc

Nancy Pelosi Proposes 1,400-Page Coronavirus Bill Stuffed with Special Interest Goodies

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi debuted a 1,120-page coronavirus rescue bill after Democrats tanked the Senate proposal on Sunday night.

The bill includes a wish list of Democrats’ pet issues including (I’m just listing the block lines, not full descriptions

  1. Increased fuel emission standards for airlines receiving funds and carbon offsets
  2. Payment for up to $10,000 in student loans
  3. Same-day voter registration, early voting, voting by mail, ballot harvesting (it’s much, much worse. It also someone else to return a ballot. Further, it is un-Constitutional to require states to have early voting. 10th Amendment and all)
  4. Preserving collective bargaining powers for unions
  5. The expansion of wind and solar tax credits
  6. Requirements for federal and corporate gender and racial diversity data
  7. Post Office Bailout
  8. Automatic extension of nonimmigrant visas.
  9. Restricting colleges from providing information about citizenship status (I’m surprised they didn’t slip in a provision to get rid of ICE)
  10. Money for Planned Parenthood

This is their focus. In a long Twitter thread, Senator Tom Cotton slams this

He goes on to list crazy stuff in their bill, including the stuff above, and

  • For companies accepting assistance, 1/3 of board members must be chosen by workers
  • Provisions on official time for union collective bargaining
  • Full offset of airline emissions by 2025
  • Greenhouse gas statistics for individual flights
  • Retirement plans for community newspaper employees
  • $15 minimum wage at companies receiving assistance
  • Permanent paid leave at companies receiving assistance

What does this have to do with helping citizens? Will Queen Nancy, Handsy Joe, and Comrade Bernie have to provide the statistics for their individual flights? Requiring a $15 minimum wage at all the companies receiving assistance…what will that percent be, especially for small companies: 70%? 80%? 90? Which means they can’t rehire as many people….is a job killer.

As Guy Benson notes “Benson continued, “Source writes, ‘not only are these completely unrelated to the coronavirus epidemic, they could prevent companies from participating in the loan programs altogether—directly causing unnecessary layoffs.’”” The Fed Chair says the U.S. could see 30% unemployment, which is worse than the Great Depression. And Democrats want to play these games. It’s no wonder gun and ammo purchases are spiking.

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10 Responses to “After Getting Senate Dems To Block Bipartisan Bill, Pelosi Offers Pork Laden Modern Socialist House Bill”

  1. Liljeffyatemypuppy says:

    The Democrat Party and the media are at best behaving in a seditious manner during a time of national crisis or indeed ginning up a crisis in order to gain political advantage. Either way, it’s monstrous and evil. Loathsome toad James Clyburn admits as much by boasting that the virus gives his party a “tremendous opportunity to restructure things to fit our vision.”
    — J.J. Sefton

    Get a rope.


    • Kye says:

      What do you think this panic was about from the beginning? According to the Centers for Disease Control 185 Americans died of drug overdoses every day in 2018. According to the CDC, 315 people died of the flu every day during the six-month 2018-2019 flu season. And if protecting life is the goal, we could save about 400 young lives every work hour by shutting down America’s abortion clinics. This has always been about “restructuring things” to fit their vision and despotic desires.

      It’s an exercise in how much shit they can get away with before we revolt. It’s a test run to see how many of our Constitution rights can be wiped out before we take to the barricades. And it looks to me like they can take them all and then some and all anybody cares about is fukin’ toilet paper.

      • david7134 says:

        Notice that it is mostly democrat leaders forcing the shut down that is killing local business.

      • David D says:

        Glen Beck Reported that the military has been issued 3 different highly top secret plans and are put on alert. They are expecting the USA to collapse and NANCY and CHUCK are doing their best to make it happen. You can find his report on YouTube if Google run by China has not deleted it.

        And one thing I do believe now is that the Democrats do indeed want the country to collapse believing they can rebuild it as a communist nation. I have zero doubt of that now as Pelosi pulls her bullshit stunt to stop aid to the USA to counter this.

        There is a plan in which Nancy Does not become the president but rather a military General in Colorado. Poor Nancy. How desperately she wants to oval office to dictate to the masses.


        SAVE US!!!!!!!!!!

  2. david7134 says:

    Let me add a bit to our paranoia and the likely conspiracy. Much of our attitude toward this virus has been framed by reports from WHO, especially the corrupt head. He initially quoted the mortality at better than 3.4%. Certainly a number to respect. On Tucker, he lays out an interesting timeline. The Chinese held back reporting the virus. Then they allowed at least 3 million people before shutting down travel. Then the reports from WHO. This started the process of killing our economy.

    Now I find that the Chinese were responsible for the placement of the head of WHO. And he is definitely dancing to their tune. Why? Why would the Chinese care who is head of this organization?

    Trump stopped movement on an international basis. This was reasonable. Some pain was associated with limited travel. But then the Democrat governors and mayors hit. They started requiring people to stay home and without a care eliminating small business and eliminating jobs. This action is destroying us.

    If the Chinese desired to hurt us, I can’t think of a better way. Something stinks.

    Now what do we know about the disease? Mortality is low and almost confined to elderly and previously ill.

    The virulence of the disease is low, morbidity is moderate. And the disease can be treated with present drugs. So why are we experiencing this much pain? On top of that the Democrats are playing politics by putting useless junk in the aid package when people are not sure if they can keep their business open or have enough money to eat.

    There is no reason to shut down the country or a single store or business.

    • formwiz says:

      As always, the voice of reason.

      This action is destroying us.

      If the Chinese desired to hurt us, I can’t think of a better way. Something stinks.

      Right on the second point, but I have to quibble on the first.

      Most Americans are grumbling and there’s plenty of rebellion out there, but, all told, I think we’re handling it pretty well. More to the point, there’s nothing systemically wrong with the economy, so a quick end to this should see us back where we were a lot sooner than many might think.

      Most people think it’s a crock and the only ones panicked are the ones who listen to Commie News Net and MSLSD.

      Trump is talking about having all of this wrapped up by Easter and that will probably get a round of applause from the country.

      And Jeffery will try to change the subject while the country sings Trump’s praises.

      PS Last I saw, Pelosi Galore has apparently given up on the Christmas tree, so we should see some action soon. I guess she saw all those vids of Obiden-Bama and realized she was just digging the party’s hole deeper.


      PPS Regardless of what this may have done to us short run; long run, it’s going to kill the Reds’ dream of being the new home of cheap stuff. And that may kill the Reds.


      • david7134 says:

        The problem I am seeing is friends who had very good businesses tanking as their doors have been forced shut by our fine Democrat governor. Their employees are fired and dispersed and their business contact either closed or forced to seek product elsewhere. I am even seeing doctors losing their practice as their offices are shut, they can not do elective surgery, they can not see healthy patients, and their referrals sent to other doctors. Never thought I would see doctors in financial distress in this manner.

        There is zero benefit to shut down. We know how to treat the problem and old folks like myself know to not get in crowds.

      • david7134 says:

        Glad you see me as the voice of reason.

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