With “Literally No Time To Waste”, Los Angeles Mayor Signs Green New Deal He Introduced Last April

The Earth is Doooooomed in 10 years without this executive order that will certainly cause issues for the plebes, not people like the mayor and all the big wigs in LA. The stakes couldn’t be higher, you know

Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti signs city’s enhanced ‘Green New Deal’

Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti on Monday signed an executive directive aimed at boosting the city’s Green New Deal initiative to fight climate change.

In signing the executive directive – Garcetti’s 25th since taking office – the 49-year-old mayor insisted the “stakes could not be higher.”

“We must act this decade to save the planet and create a more equitable prosperous and healthy future for our children and grandchildren,” he said, according to the Los Angeles Daily News.

The plan, unveiled in April of last year, sets ambitious goals for Los Angeles to become more sustainable by the 2030s.

“There is literally no time to waste because what we do in the next 10 years will determine the health of our planet and whether there’s a job, a paycheck and a place for everyone in our country,” Garcetti said Monday.

There’s literally no time to waste….except the 10 months since he introduced it.

The plan was originally pitched as LA’s version of the Green New Deal, an economic stimulus concept designed to tackle, among other things, climate change. The Green New Deal has been championed by progressive lawmakers, most notably, Rep. Alexandria Ocasio Cortez, D-N.Y.


Yet, AOC hasn’t demanded a vote on it in the House, and both her and Ed freaked out when Mitch McConnell held a vote in the Senate. If the world is doomed unless we do this stuff, why does it take so long to vote on this stuff? Why does it take 10 months for Garcetti to sign his?

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2 Responses to “With “Literally No Time To Waste”, Los Angeles Mayor Signs Green New Deal He Introduced Last April”

  1. Nighthawk says:

    If I predicted that the Sun would not rise tomorrow and it did and then I pushed that prediction out a week, then a month, then a year, then ten years and the Sun always continued to rise every day, at what point would people quit listening to my predictions?

    These idiots have been predicting all types of doom, gloom and disasters for decades. None of which have happened. The Arctic still has ice, cities aren’t swamped, islands are still upright and severe weather has not increased. Yet even bigger idiots still believe these predictions.

  2. Dana says:

    I went to the referenced article, because I wanted to see what the son of the Los Angeles District Attorney who lost the O J Simpson case was actually doing with his ‘executive directive.’ He wants to increase public transportation and to ‘encourage’ the use of bicycles, but that was it, at least in the story.

    Naturally, he’ll want additional revenue for public transportation, but really, what kind of actual pain will he put on Angelenos on whom he will depend for votes next election? Will he impose carbon taxes on meats and dairy products sold within the sprawling city? Will he require that air conditioning not be used until it’s 85º F? Will he require smaller housing units, to reduce the need for air conditioning, along with less in the way of building materials? Will he switch the police fleet to Teslas?

    Perhaps John or Elwood can tell me what he has actually done, other than to signal his great virtue?

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