Doom! ‘Climate Change’ Is Coming For Your Oreos!

Let’s see, the climate cultists have already proclaimed future doom for coffee, beer, wine, chocolate, lobster, fish, tequila, scotch, avocados, and so much more. This one is aimed at convincing kids that we’re Dooooooomed

Climate change is coming for your Oreos

The latest victims of climate change could be Oreos, as drenched fields across the U.S. make the wheat that’s a key ingredient a scarcer commodity.

Winter-wheat plantings fell to their lowest levels in more than a century as the grain got harder to seed. That was especially true for soft red winter wheat, with sowings in critical states like Illinois slumping 25%.

That might be bad news for snack fans—the variety is used in the flour that forms the base for crackers, biscuits and beloved goodies including Mondelez International Inc.’s Oreos and Kellogg Co.’s Cheez-Its.

The warming atmosphere is making the spring planting season a lot wetter and a lot muddier in the Midwest. Last year, things were so bad that record rains meant plantings were done at the slowest pace ever. That’s pressuring farmers to abandon a strategy known as double-cropping—when the same fields get sown in the spring with soybeans and then in the fall with wheat. Forced to choose just one, growers are giving up on wheat.

None of that is proof of anthropogenic causation, just that warm periods happen. The whole “let them eat cake” thing started with wheat shortages in France during the Little Ice Age. You also had the elites trying to get people to eat potatoes, which were considered a vegetable that even the poor wouldn’t eat, and they were starving. The climate always changes, and is always going to cause issues.

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  1. Elwood P. Dowd says:

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    LOL, you can’t make this shit up!

    “Former human services director John Davis and his former employee Latimer Smith made up false documents to pay former WWE wrestler ​Brett DiBiase with money from the DHS program Temporary Assistance for Needy Families to teach classes on drug abuse.”

    BTW, drug ‘expert’ DiBiase didn’t teach the classes. Redneck Republicans steal tax dollars to give to a pro wrestler! tRumplandia forever!

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