Trump’s Very Good Week Gets Better: Judge Throws Out Democrats Emoluments Case

President Trump has had a very good week, so good that even CNN’s Chris Cillizza noted the eight very good things. Those include acquittal from the Democrats made up impeachment theater, the State of the Union speech, Democrat disarray in Iowa, a 49% job approval rating, and a few others, including

Trump Beats Congressional Democrats’ Emoluments Lawsuit

Donald Trump beat back a lawsuit by 215 congressional Democrats who say he has been violating the Constitution’s emoluments clause by profiting from foreign government spending at his Washington hotel and other properties, capping a triumphant week for the president.

A 3-0 federal appeals court in Washington on Friday said the House and Senate members lack legal standing to sue the president because they had not been injured by his alleged conduct. None of the judges was appointed to the court by Trump.

The ruling is the latest victory for Trump, who was acquitted in the Senate Wednesday on articles of impeachment brought by the Democratic-controlled House and found his opposition in disarray following their botched Iowa Caucus.

Trump addressed the ruling as he departed the White House for a rally in Charlotte, North Carolina. “It’s another phony case and we won it three to nothing,” the president said.

Of course, Democrats most likely won’t give up, because they’re bat guano insane

The court left open the possibility that a congressional lawsuit might be able to move forward if a majority of either house authorized it. House Democrats are still reviewing the ruling and have yet to decide whether to hold a vote on a new suit, according to a senior aide. Nevada Democrat Dina Titus, one of the House members who participated in the dismissed suit, on Friday tweeted her support for such action.

They don’t know how to lose gracefully. They’d be best off not even starting. Their Trump Derangement Syndrome is too strong, though, to let them see clearly.

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11 Responses to “Trump’s Very Good Week Gets Better: Judge Throws Out Democrats Emoluments Case”

  1. Chumpchange says:

    Vindman was escorted out of the White House and they got pictures of him trying hard to conceal laughter. He was like well folks we tried! Don’t worry though, I expected this when my handlers put me up to this testimony. But fear, not Round three is coming soon.

    If Trump thinks the democrats will stop he is wrong. The emoluments clause is a hail mary. Of course, he is benefitting from his name as president of the USA. People want to go to Trump tower just like people pay to tour Hollywood to see some illegal alien gardening in front of Brad Pitts home.

    Just like Heinz profited greatly by having Kerry as a senator and then Presidential candidate. Do you think the ketchup at a banquet with Kerry as Secretary of state had Delmonte Ketchup on the table?

    Or Bloomberg will benefit greatly by becoming president. His bloomberg news will explode because he is president.

    The left is so pathetically desperate they now have pundits on the left claiming they have lost their damn minds on MSNBC.

    A horrendous example of what to expect if the Democrats win all three branches.

    A bill before the house with 48 sponsors says that any illegal caught doing a felony will not be deported, will not be tried and if they were prior to the passing of this bill, they will be sent a plane ticket and invited to come back to the USA without any repercussions.

    In short the bill gives Illegal aliens the right to committ felonies with ZERO repercussions and Ice and CBP cannot do anything to apprehend them or prevent them from reentering the USA.

    That is what a vote for Democrats gives us friends. Sure its buried, but still alive because the left doesnt want to talk about it now. BUT if they win all 3 branches rest assured it will become Open borders, a torn down wall and let the flood of illegals begin. Free health care for all of them. Free college for Everyone. College loan forgiveness and I can only assume that right behind that will be credit card debt by any person who was in college when they got their credit cards.

    Quaint fact. When you go to sign up for classes on the major universities there are dozens of credit card companies harping their credit cards. Sign up, its yours. Kids walk out of these meetings with a dozen credit cards in hand and spend the next 6 months in nirvana only to realize that shit, I now have 1200 dollars a month is cc debt.

    Trump had a good week. Unless Trump has a good year, the left believes our nation is going down the tubes. Well with the left in charge IT WILL GO DOWN THE TUBES. He can take all the victories he can get.

  2. John says:

    Teach it is not a very good week when a POTUS is impeached by thePeoples House

    • Kye says:

      It is when “the Democrats House” fails miserably to prove it and he’s acquitted. Trump has beaten the shit out of you commies since 2016 and he throws everything you toss at him right back in your pinko faces.

      Trump 2020 Keep America Free

      • Elwood P. Dowd says:


        Only a fool would continue to claim that tRump didn’t commit the actions of which he was accused. tRump and his ‘defense’ team don’t deny it – they counted on the feckless GOP Senate to look the other way.

        You’re not a fool, are you?

        • Kye says:

          Let me get this straight. You commie team “accused” Trump of something that was 1. not an impeachable offense and 2. they couldn’t convict him on but you say I’m the fool? Hahahaha. Keep digging that hole for the Democommies so Trump wins in 20202.

          Trump and his defense team DO VERY MUCH deny his guilt or haven’t you been watching? It was a coup, set in a kangaroo court, where 17 prosecuting witnesses were called but no defense, where the defense were not permitted to tell wha was going on IN SECRET and you still lost.

          You know, you lost the election, you lost on Steamy Daniels, you lost on emoluments, you lost on Russia/Russia/Russia, you lost on Ukraine and ended up getting your own candidate and his corrupt son investigated and now you lost the impeachment. I think the eal fool is the guy who continues to bitch instead of shutting his pie hole and trying to save his party. Please, carry on. Call me names. Hell, call allof us names you;ve been calling us everything from raaaaacists to traitors for three years and where has it gotten you?

          Now you have three old white men one who’s a commie, the other an idiot, and the third a midget billionaire, a lying bitch of a fake Indian and a fag. Sounds like Gilligan’s Island to me, not candidates for President.

          You can’t even count the votes in one state but you want to run our economy, health care and military. Good luck with that. I realize the screw up in Iowa was because you were using it as a test ground for your new methods of corrupting elections. Soon you’ll iron out the bugs and be ready to try and steal the 2020.

          Trump 2020 Stop the commie madness

          • Elwood P. Dowd says:

            Kye the fog,

            If tRump’s actions were not impeachable nothing is.

            If you truly believe that tRump did nothing wrong you’re a fool. If you do recognize tRump’s bad acts but look the other way then you’re crooked like tRump.

            Any American would be a better American President than tRump.

            2020: Dump tRump, Save America

  3. Elwood P. Dowd says:

    Just like OJ Simpson, OJ (Orange Jesus) tRump was ‘acquitted’. Casey Anthony was acquitted, as were Michael Jackson, Wm Kennedy Smith, R. Kelly, John Hinckley… so OJ tRump is in ‘good’ company. And in the real trials, the jury foreman hadn’t swore to support the accused and even coordinate with the accused!

    tRump even had Simpson’s defense attorney!

    • Kye says:

      I’m not surprised. You leftists are always sore losers. Keep on bitchin’ like little girls while we Keep On Winnin’ With Trump.

      I’m still not tired of winning? Are you tired of losing yet Elwood?

      Trump 2020 Keep the momentum of greatness going!

      • Elwood P. Dowd says:


        While tRump is winning (i.e., staying out of jail), America is losing.

        Guys like us are doing great, but the working classes are still suffering. And there’s no relief in sight, especially with tRump.

        That you consider what’s happening to America as winning tells us all we need to know about you.

  4. MrToad says:

    There have got to be a few adults on the DNC side of the aisle that realize Pelosi’s religious hatred of Trump is a losing platform that paints every democrat in the House as an unhinged OrangeManBad lunatic. Even Tulsi “The Sane” who voted against due process for the President.

    Who on the left has the cajones to challenge the Queen knowing she’ll probably beat back the first wave of mutineers with her army of loyalists. She’ll hit back with the vengeance of not only an “Italian Grandma” but an “Italian Grandma of a Sicilian Mob Boss”. Will they wait and hope she loses the gavel and “ages out”?

    She’s delivered nothing that she promised in 2018 including the big fish himself. How long does Nancy have left?

  5. Chumpchange says:

    Can you believe it. Vindman’s brother was in charge of overseeing drafts for publication for the NSA. Seriously we have two RUSSIANS working at the highest levels of government.

    Gordon Sondland, Vindman and Vindman’s brother were escorted out of the White House. Obama appointee Ambassador to Ukraine was fired for covering up Obama’s shit in Ukraine. Taylor threw a hissy fit because he didn’t like Trump’s policy on Ukraine, which basically boiled down to here are a bunch of missiles to beat Russian tanks and oh, by the way, investigate corruption there including any Americans that might be benefiting from the MISSING FIVE BILLION DOLLARS OBAMA AND BIDEN SENT YOU!!!!

    This is what draining the swamp looks like. The Elwoods, and Johns of the world dont like it because they get hard at the thought of a MASSIVE GOVERNMENT RUNNING EVERY PHASE OF YOUR LIFE.

    NOT THEIRS….YOURS….They get a cushy ride because they are ground floor commies.

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