Bummer: Oregon GOP Resists Climate Scam Bill

How dare they block the Democrats attempt to turn the clock back to 1499 and institute a pseudo-religious government with lots of taxes?

Democrats: Oregon climate bill is priority; GOP resists

Oregon Gov. Kate Brown and the speaker of the House of Representatives, both Democrats, said Friday that passing legislation aimed at stemming global warming is their priority when lawmakers return to the Capitol next month.

But Rep. Christine Drazan, the leader of the minority Republicans in the House, said she opposes the so-called cap and trade bill that was unveiled this week. The 35-day session of the 2020 Legislature begins on Feb. 3.

“The only thing that cap and trade guarantees is that prices for individual Oregonians will go up, their daily cost of living is going to go up under under this proposal,” Drazan said.

Their comments at an Associated Press forum in the Oregon State Capitol on Friday foreshadowed a fight over the same issue that in the 2019 legislative session triggered a walkout by Republican senators.

The new bill largely authored by Senate Democrats includes changes designed to assuage critics in the manufacturing and utility sectors, and create fewer impacts for rural Oregon but maintains a commitment to reduce greenhouse gases by certain percentages below 1990 levels.

The new bill splits the state into three geographic zones that would be phased in separately for rules that would likely increase gas and diesel prices, with Portland being affected first, then other large urban areas, and finally rural regions. That approach is designed to address concerns that last year’s failed measure would have disproportionately affected rural communities where distances between homes and towns are great, with residents having little option but to drive.

I have a suggestion: split Oregon into 36 counties. Whelp, that’s already done, as you see below. Institute this Hotcoldwetdry bill in the eight counties in blue, which consistently vote Democrat. Run this experiment for 10 years, and let’s see how it goes. If there is no cost of living increase for citizens, no job losses, etc, then the rest of the state can try it. BUT, the citizens who live in the blue areas who vote Democrat are not allowed to move to red Oregon areas. And they aren’t allowed to change their voter registration to fake it.

Oregon counties by 2016 votes

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