House Democrats Block Resolution Supporting Iranian Protesters

This is how deranged the Democrats are in the Era Of Trump (via Twitchy)



(Washington Times) House Democrats on Tuesday blocked a vote on a resolution introduced by House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy, California Republican, that expressed support of anti-government protesters in Iran and condemned Iran’s role in the downing of a Ukrainian civilian aircraft last week.

While details behind the blockage remain unclear, Democrats were reportedly drafting their own version of the resolution to compete with Mr. McCarthy’s resolution.

Who wants to bet we never see that competing resolution from the Democrats? That it ends up being more about Trump than Iran?

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6 Responses to “House Democrats Block Resolution Supporting Iranian Protesters”

  1. Kye says:

    It makes sense since the Dems are basically American terrorists. They have used class, race, sex and the law itself to humiliate and oppress their fellow Americans. They started out as mere bullies but have graduated into terrorism by embracing fellow terrorists in Iran and all mooslem states. Plus they use terrorist rhetoric to scare the living shit out of blacks, Hispanics, the elderly any non white and of course The Chil’ren who they continuously terrorize with climate cult bullying and propaganda.

    Trump 2020 Stop the left from terrorizing the people!

  2. formwiz says:

    Keep it up, guys. You started this war 40 years ago and now you side with the enemy.

    Great campaign ad.

  3. Chumpchange says:

    What do you expect.

    Communist China and EX communist Russia are best buds with IRAN.

    Would you really expect the Democrats to go against their own interests.

    On another note.

    Constitutional Law professor who admitted to voting for HRC wrote an opinion piece:

    “The delay now seems largely driven by a desire to preserve the image of Pelosi as a master strategist despite a blunder of the first order,” Turley wrote in a column titled, “Pelosi’s Blunder: How the House Destroyed its Own Case for Impeachment.”

    To paraphrase. Pelosi tried to get concessions from another branch of government. This shows how out of touch with our constitution the Democrats are.

    They are bullying the EXECUTIVE BRANCH. They Tried to BULLY the Senate and are calling the Supreme court names and promising to pack the court with justices to get back to having a far left majority in the Court instead of letting the branch be.

    No there is nothing surprising about anything the left does these days. Nothing at all, except which still blows my mind. They voted to give Trump 110 percent of the defense budget he requested. I’m still scratching my head on that one and so is the lefts progressive base who lost their minds over that vote.

  4. Liljeffyatemypuppy says:

    Got a kick out of tape showing Bernie and Liz calling each other liars after the debate was over.
    Kinda reminded me of Jeffery, the little sissybitch, after being caught in one of his many lies.

    Bwaha! Lolgf sissybitch

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