Hot Take: The Gun Sanctuary Movement Is Seeking Protection From Democracy Itself!

Surprisingly, there has been very little written in terms of the 2nd Amendment gun sanctuaries, except for straight articles. So, if there’s going to be a hot take, it has to be a scorcher, right? Along comes Francis Wilkinson at Bloomberg, which is, of course, owned by gun grabber Michael Bloomberg

The True Aim of the Gun Sanctuary Movement

At first glance, the Second Amendment sanctuary movement currently burrowing into rural Virginia looks like a ballistic twist on the immigrant sanctuary cities movement. Both movements defy the law, one to protect undocumented immigrants from legally sanctioned deportation, the other to protect unlicensed firearms from legally sanctioned regulation.

But there is a significant difference, more political than legal. One sanctuary movement aims to protect a vulnerable population from personal harm. The other movement seeks to protect a group’s capacity to do harm — no matter how loud the outcry from a population vulnerable to gun violence.

First, that’s actually not the primary hot-take. Second, it’s not guns that are licensed, but citizens. The vast majority of lawful firearms owners have no problem with background checks, and want firearms kept out of the hands of criminals. The gun grabber movement seeks to make law abiding citizens into criminals, rather than cracking down on criminals who use guns. Also, it is interesting that Wilkinson mentions “unlicensed”: is that a slip up that denotes what the gun grabbers actually want, which is registration, which means it is easier to confiscate later?

Advocates for immigrant sanctuaries commonly invoke humanitarian, economic and public-safety arguments. Leaders of the guns-everywhere-for-anybody movement tend to dress up their concerns in the legal finery of the Second Amendment (minus the “well-regulated militia” part). Their argument, reduced to its essence, is two words: It’s unconstitutional.

Well, yeah. She should also read the Virginia Constitution, Article I, Section 11 (due process) and Section 14 (firearms).

Roughly 100 Virginia cities and counties have embraced some kind of sanctuary provision regarding guns. Other locales around the nation have as well. In the extremes of gun culture, commonplace proposals are treated as existential threats.

The thing is, we know where your “commonplace proposals” lead, when gun grabbers talk about the Australian, and now New Zealand, solution: mass bannings and confiscation of lawfully acquired firearms from non-criminals, disarming the public.

Let’s skip to the primary hot-take

America is a representative democracy. But the gun lobby and other parts of the conservative coalition are increasingly skeptical of that. Armed with an all-purpose Constitution that means whatever they want it to mean, they seek to block popular government action.

Nope, it is a representative republic. Same with Virginia, which has lots of protections for the minority from the majority. When can call them part of the Democracy model, since they vote. But, it is still a republic, not a democracy. Not mob rule.

The Second Amendment sanctuaries emerging in Virginia and elsewhere may mark a burgeoning conservative counterculture. Contempt for the “geographically small, yet heavily populated” regions where most Americans reside is becoming a conservative tic. It’s the impetus behind those triumphal MAGA maps depicting countless hectares of American forest, farm and pasture in bold Republican red, while little enclaves such as Brooklyn, with a higher population than 15 states, are dismissed with a tiny blotch of blue.

Densely populated America, in other words, is not real America, and opposing real America is by definition unconstitutional. What the gun sanctuary movement is seeking is not protection from government overreach, but from democracy.

Well, that would be a sick burn if the nation, and Virginia, were democracies.

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6 Responses to “Hot Take: The Gun Sanctuary Movement Is Seeking Protection From Democracy Itself!”

  1. Lets hope that some of those Trump-appointed judges can be counted on to issue injunctions when the Virginia legislature starts trying to impose their unlawful will on the citizens of Virginia. Just like all those Obama appointed judges were standing in line to issue injunctions against everything Trump did.

    The good part of this is that the VA legislature can be counted on to over-reach. That will go to the courts for resolution and that means a better than even chance of new precedent being established in favor of private gun ownership. Exactly why the NY legislature withdrew their law, making it moot before going to the Supreme Court, where it would certainly have been struck down.

  2. John says:

    The states that have the highest per capita rates of gun ownership also generally have the highest rates of per capita gun violence
    They also generally are red states

    • Nighthawk says:

      Let’s break that down even further. Most gun violence happens in cities. in 2014 51% of gun violence deaths in just 2% of the counties in the US and these counties being major cities such as New York, LA and Chicago. Who runs those cities again?

      If you take the election map that shows red and blue counties and compare it to a map that shows gun violence rates by county they look almost identical.

    • Nice straw house you have there. A shame if someone set it on fire. Highest crime rates in the USA in every state, occur in the cities. The cities are overwhelmingly “blue” as in dominated by liberal democrats, politically and demographically. Lawful gun ownership is lowest in the cities. The places where the legal guns are, have the lowest crime rates.

      But then, this was never about the crime rates, which have been decreasing over the past several decades. It is just the same old communist hold-overs, still executing their plan to weaken American institutions, that they started back in the 50’s. The Soviet union paymasters died decades ago, but the commie sympathizers in the USA still act as if they can still turn the USA so they keep following their checklist. Private gun ownership is just one line of effort in the grand plan to fundamentally change America into a country that cannot oppose the global spread of communism, even though that is no longer a reasonable goal that anyone is pursuing.

    • formwiz says:

      They are?

      Did you know things like suicide are counted as gun violence, as opposed to violent crimes by firearms?

      Did you know blunt instruments and edged weapons kill more than firearms?

    • Chumpchange says:

      A very high amount of gun violence happens in big cities RUN BY DEMOCRATS and full of people herded onto the plantation and given NO HOPE by the left other than their next welfare check.

      Trump is trying to change that by getting them jobs. Seeing wages increase. There are currently 7 million more jobs than workers.

      The left is screaming bloody murder. How dare that MF try to take our slaves from the democratic plantation. The bastard.

      Lies. We must make up lies. John says I know we will brag about the demise of the rural areas and how everyone is moving to the big cities. URBANA.

      Yep John we get it. Your a slave owner. You hold blacks, whites, asians hostage on your liberal plantations and give them a funny name. BIG CITIES.

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