Cult of Climastrology Now Coming After …(spins wheel)… Outdoor Heaters

It’s always something with these people….well, except for making their own lives carbon neutral

Outdoor heaters banned in French city to tackle climate change

Smokers are feeling the cold in a French city that has banned outdoor heaters on café terraces, the last refuge of customers who want to savour a cigarette with their coffee.

Rennes, in Brittany, is the first city in France to take the controversial step aimed at limiting pollution in response to the climate emergency. Nice, Bordeaux and Angers are considering similar legislation.

After smoking became illegal inside French cafés in 2007, those wishing to indulge in a “café-clope” (coffee with a cigarette) were banished to pavement terraces. Café owners say a large part of their revenue now risks going up in smoke if their terraces become cold and unwelcoming in winter.

Supporters of the ban argue that heating a café terrace for one winter emits as much carbon dioxide as driving a new car 120,000 kilometres (72,000 miles), or three times the circumference of the Earth.

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3 Responses to “Cult of Climastrology Now Coming After …(spins wheel)… Outdoor Heaters”

  1. John says:

    Are you still a nicotine addict ?

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