SCOTUS To Hear Ending Of DACA Challenge Tuesday

This should be a very, very, very interesting ruling

As Supreme Court takes up Trump plan to end DACA, American dreams at stake for nearly 700,000 immigrants

A lawyer, a teacher, a graduate student and an undergraduate gathered in a 6th-floor courtroom one recent afternoon to discuss their common dreams and nightmares.

The dreams are of futures in the United States filled with college degrees and successful careers, home ownership and happy families.

The nightmares are of losing their college loans, driver’s licenses, jobs – and the only country they can truly call home.

“It feels, in a way, very surreal,” said Anayeli Marcos, 25, who hopes to graduate from the University of Texas’ flagship campus here in May with dual Master’s degrees in social work and Latin American studies. “Sometimes it’s a bit overwhelming, feeling that your fate is in the hands of people who don’t know you.”

The Supreme Court will have the fate of these four DREAMers and some 660,000 others in its hands Tuesday when it considers the Trump administration’s decision to end the DACA program, which has provided a reprieve for some undocumented immigrants brought to the United States as children. A ruling on the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program is expected next spring in the midst of the 2020 presidential election.

Well, we all know that the liberals on the court will vote for keeping DACA in place, regardless of the Constitutionality of it. Even Obama said it was un-Constitutional for him to enact this executive action, one which contradicts federal law. What will the Conservatives on the Court decide? If they vote with the liberals, what they are doing is proclaiming that future presidents can never end a previous presidents executive orders. Realistically, DACA ended when Obama left office, since they are only good for the time the person was in office. Regardless, Trump ending DACA with an executive order is exactly the same as Obama enacting it with and EO, though Trump was ending something which was un-Constitutional in the first place.

That’s the argument in a nutshell, and I hope the Trump officials do not get caught in the weeds arguing that DACA should be ended. But, if they do, it should be remembered that these are not immigrants, they are illegal aliens, and federal law makes zero distinction on age or how they arrived. It should also be remembered that it is not 660K, it will be millions, since the parents and guardians who brought them here illegally as kids will be given a free pass, too. Further, DACA is essentially a stealth amnesty: first give the kids what is supposed to be temporary legal status, then make sure they never have to leave, much like we are seeing with all sorts of groups who were given temporary status in the U.S. post disaster, but now do not want to leave.

And what are they doing? They are demanding food, money, healthcare, housing, and education, among others. And U.S. taxpayers are shelling out for worthless degrees in social work and Latin American studies. Oh, and they’re are ungrateful

In Austin, where Texas state officials brought the original challenge to both DACA and an ill-fated effort by President Barack Obama to extend similar protections to 4 million undocumented parents, Pedro Villalobos’ job as an assistant county attorney is at risk.

The state argues in court papers that “Congress has never given the executive carte blanche to grant lawful presence to any alien it chooses not to remove, let alone benefits including work authorization, health care, unemployment, and a pathway to citizenship.”

Seated in a county courtroom he uses regularly to prosecute crime, Villalobos, 28, said a defeat at the Supreme Court “would end my service to this community.”

“I represent the state, but the state doesn’t represent me,” he said.

It doesn’t represent you because you’re unlawfully present, and it seems you’re arguing that illegal aliens should be given legal status.

But, again, getting beyond all the sob stories, this is about the lawful ability of a president to cancel a previous executive order, which has always been allowed. Liberals who are against this should consider what happens if Trump issues EOs that they do not like, because it means a future Democrat would not be allowed to cancel them.

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3 Responses to “SCOTUS To Hear Ending Of DACA Challenge Tuesday”

  1. Doom and Gloom says:

    The dreams are of futures in the United States filled with college degrees and successful careers, home ownership and happy families.
    The nightmares are of losing their college loans, driver’s licenses, jobs – and the only country they can truly call home.

    I FEEL THEIR PAIN. This is exactly my sentiments at the horror of electing Warren or Sanders or Buttigieg to the Presidency. This is my horror for our country as we continue as conservatives to NOT FIGHT BACK but rather sit on our hands while our Kindergartners and college children are brainwashed by a MSM media run by corporations who only care about profits and not our country.

    I share their pain. I really do.

  2. sdh says:

    end of DACA is not the only thing at stake. The liberals better think about this: if SCOTUS says Trump cannot end DACA, the they are saying Ex. Order rules the day, and Trump is even more powerful — he has a pen and a phone. I hope Trumps lawyers are arguing this. This is a perfect Alinski.

  3. Why is the United States the only country where aliens think that they have some right to claim citizenship after they illegally enter it and squat within in? LOL. I have sympathy for the children, because they are the victims of their parents’ foolishness and selfishness. We have no legal nor moral right to recognize lawbreakers. Demonstrate how much you care about this country by following our laws, and if you don’t do that, then you are trespassers and thieves.

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