Humor Can Help With Climate Crisis Doom Syndrome Or Something

The only problem here is that these hardcores have no humor and are completely unhinged, so, good luck with this

A little humour may help with climate change gloom

This year, three studies showed that humour is useful for engaging the public about climate change. The studies, published in The Journal of Science Communication, Comedy Studies and Science Communication, added to the growing wave of scientists, entertainers and politicians who agree.

In March 2017, the American Psychological Association published a report defining ecoanxiety as “chronic fear of environmental doom.” The report referred to literature that described an increase in depression and anxiety caused by peoples’ “inability to feel like they are making a difference in stopping climate change.”

With psychological stakes this high, humour may seem inappropriate. But Phil McCordic — a Canadian actor, writer and producer of children’s programming and the host of TVOntario’s Science Max educational series — thinks it could be a way to access “the attention of a lot of people you wouldn’t have otherwise.”

“Humour is so useful for children’s programming because it grabs attention,” says McCordic, who adds he believes this can be applied to adults too.

“Climate-change humour stops people from worrying about their politics and lets them take in the information …. Scientists don’t always understand their audience. Getting someone to laugh is half of the work of getting them to understand.”

These people think the world is doomed in 12 11 years, they screech about this and that, they yell at people, the glue themselves to planes and trains and doors and roads and stuff, they do not have a sense of humor, sorry, humour, and won’t be getting one anytime soon.

The Onion, a landmark American satirical media outlet, has headlines that include “Report: If Earth Continues To Warm At Current Rate Moon Will Be Mostly Underwater By 2400” and “Sighing, Resigned Climate Scientists Say To Just Enjoy Next 20 Years As Much As You Can.”

Yes, but those Onion pieces are sarcastic, making fun of the Cult of Climastrology.

Instead of minimizing the grave nature of climate change, humour can have the power to maximize the impact of climate-change science and the media.

Ah, so there’s the real point: finding a new way to cover up that the science of man-caused global warming/climate change is, at best, shoddy.

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  1. liljeffyatemypuppy says:

    Who says there’s no humor?
    Why hell, I crack up every time I read the comments by the whimpering little sissybitch.

    Lolgf Abu al-Bahgdowdy

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