Trump Starts Process To Formally Pull Out Of Paris Climate Agreement

The Paris Climate Agreement was historic. Historic! We were all told that. It was a Big Deal. Very few nations are actually succeeding in upholding their pledges, but, it was still Historic! It just wasn’t worth bothering submitting to the U.S. Legislative branch. But, rather than just wiping away America’s Barack Obama’s commitment to it with the stroke of a pen, Donald Trump has followed the layout of the deal, and this formally began Monday, which has made most media outlets crazy

Trump begins year-long process to formally exit Paris climate agreement

Donald Trump is moving to formally exit the Paris climate agreement, making the United States the only country in the world that will not participate in the pact, as global temperatures are set to rise 3C and worsening extreme weather will drive millions into poverty.

Nothing in there having anything to do with scaremongering, right?

The paperwork sent by the US government to withdraw begins a one-year process for exiting the deal agreed to at the UN climate change conference in Paris in 2015. The Trump administration will not be able to finalize its exit until a day after the presidential election in November 2020.

The French presidential office said Emmanuel Macron and Chinese counterpart Xi Jinping would sign a pact in Beijing on Wednesday that makes reference to the “irreversibility” of the Paris climate accord.

The Élysée palace official expressed disappointment at Trump’s move, saying: “We regret this and this only makes the Franco-Chinese partnership on the climate and biodiversity more necessary.”

The US secretary of state, Mike Pompeo, announced the development on Monday afternoon, saying the agreement would be an “unfair economic burden imposed on American workers, businesses and taxpayers” and that the US has already reduced its heat-trapping emissions.

It’s just like the Kyoto Protocol, which President Bill Clinton refused to sign after the U.S. Senate voted 95-0 against it, as it was bad for the US economy. Why would we intentionally cause problems with our economy for something that wasn’t submitted for ratification and allows nations like China to continue their “polluting” ways?

The former vice-president and climate campaigner Al Gore said in a statement posted on Twitter: “No one person or party can stop our momentum to solve the climate crisis. But those who try will be remembered for their complacency, complicity, and mendacity in attempting to sacrifice the planet for their greed.”

Would this be the same guy with a giant carbon footprint who takes private jets around the world?

The speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi, called Trump’s move a “disastrous decision that sells out our children’s future”.

Socialism would solve this, along with destroying our economy, right?

In addition, the Trump administration has also pulled US funding commitments to help the developing world cut pollution.

John Kerry and Chuck Hagel, president Barack Obama’s secretaries of state and defense respectively, in a Washington Post op-ed, called it a “dark day for America”.

And that’s what really upsets the Warmists, that the U.S. will not be giving aid money in perpetuity with no strings attached. Paris removed strings and makes giving the money an obligation where we, and the other 1st World nations, the bad guys paying a debt.

At the end of the day, though, this is a minor story, which will mostly disappear, because most U.S. citizens do not care about ‘climate change’ in practice. Most refuse to pay even $10 a month to “solve” it.

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14 Responses to “Trump Starts Process To Formally Pull Out Of Paris Climate Agreement”

  1. Elwood P. Dowd says:

    TEACH typed: …most U.S. citizens do not care about ‘climate change’ in practice.

    Tornadoes, floods, droughts, wildfires, heat waves, hurricanes may be changing minds (but not conservative “minds”).

    • Cowpill says:

      Says it all, I am going to post this until it gets through your thick skull

      • Elwood P. Dowd says:


        And yet… the Earth continues to warm. Thermometer technology has been around for over 3 centuries.

        Is it this technology that you question? Do you think it impossible to measure temperatures? Do you distrust Svante Arrhenius’ studies a century ago (and all the subsequent studies proving that CO2 absorbs IR)?

        • formwiz says:

          Actually, it doesn’t. Your findings are like your vote count.

          Do you distrust Svante Arrhenius’ studies a century ago (and all the subsequent studies proving that CO2 absorbs IR)?

          I’ll bet his thermometers weren’t as good.

      • Elwood P. Dowd says:


        Your link suggests that Dr. Ottmar Edenhofer (not Endenhofer as you misspelled it) made this video.

        Your video is filled with the same right-wing denialist nonsense seen all over deniosaur sites.

        Only a thick-skulled denier would think that global climate policy would have no effect on global economics. Transitioning from fossil-fuels will necessarily have impacts on the trillion dollar fossil fuels industries.

        Dr Edenhofer: Because we have 11,000 gigatons of carbon in the coal reserves in the soil under our feet – and we must emit only 400 gigatons in the atmosphere if we want to keep the 2-degree target. 11 000 to 400 – there is no getting around the fact that most of the fossil reserves must remain in the soil.

        The Earth is warming from CO2 we’re adding to the atmosphere by burning fossil fuels.

        • formwiz says:

          No, it isn’t.

          And the fossil fuel industries would be a drop in the bucket to the coest of everything else that would have to be moved by more inefficient means.

        • Jl says:

          And the earth has been warming most recently from about 1850, at the end of the little ice age. So, the correct statement would be “were not sure how much of the warming is natural, how much CO2, and how much urban heat island, how much is data adjustments, ect. The “earth continues to warm from CO2” is an assumption

    • formwiz says:

      29% Conservatives?

      Get fornicated.

    • Jl says:

      Why would they change minds? They’re not any worse than they used to be. Oh, that’s right-we have the media constantly hyping that weather events are tied to CO2 when there’s absolutely no proof of that. Funny how “they could be” becomes “they are”. Very scientific…

  2. Professor Hale says:

    I thought we had already done this.

  3. Nighthawk says:

    HA! Your own little poll there show that most don’t care in practice. It shows that 54% either think CC isn’t important or think CC is important but are unwilling to do anything about it. Other polls have also shown that most people think that CC is a problem but are unwilling to spend $10 or more a month to combat it.

    And if the actual truth would be reported, these people would know that hurricanes are NOT increasing in number or severity. Acreage burned by wildfires has GREATLY decreased over the last 100 years. Even the IPCC admits that evidence of increased flooding is lacking. They say the same about droughts. The frequency and intensity of heat waves is NOT increasing. The number and frequency of tornadoes has been steadily decreasing for decades and 2018 had the fewest violent tornadoes ever.

    All your little poll really shows is that the climate cult’s lies and propaganda are working and that us realists need to be just as, or even more, vocal about this issue.

  4. Professor Hale says:

    I don’t know why this should take a year to get out of a treaty we were never a part of. A simple Tweet should be sufficient and an executive order to federal agencies to not spend money supporting it any longer.

    • formwiz says:

      We’re still in it even though we don’t participate.

      Kind of like that magazine subscription you never really wanted.

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