Democrats “Green” Plans Target Inequality Or Something

Remember, this is all about Science, about saving the Earth from having a fever. To attempt to stop a 1.5C increase in global temperatures. To stop the seas from rising. To stop the rain, dry, hot, and cold. To make sure kids do know what snow is. Right?

2020 Dems target inequality with green plans

2020 Democratic presidential contenders are giving new attention to the idea of “environmental injustice,” heartening green advocates who argue that polluting industries have gone unchecked.

A number of candidates have rolled out ambitious plans to tackle decades of pollution and harmful practices that have been concentrated in the nation’s poorest neighborhoods and communities of color.

“Our crisis of environmental injustice is the result of decades of discrimination and environmental racism compounding in communities that have been overlooked for too long,” Sen. Elizabeth Warren wrote in a post unveiling her environmental justice plan in October.

“It is the result of multiple choices that put corporate profits before people, while our government looked the other way. It is unacceptable, and it must change.”

At issue are remedies for so-called frontline communities, the disproportionately poor and minority neighborhoods that have been a dumping ground for pollution and landfills or the site of factories and highways that spew harmful contamination into the air.

See, the problem here, as you can plainly see, is that the pollution mentioned in the last paragraph has little to do with anthropogenic climate change, excepting the methane released from landfills. Methane is not an actual pollutant. And then they yammer about justice and stuff. All this shows that the Cult of Climastrology has nothing to do with the actual climate, it’s all about their Progressive (nice Fascism) policy beliefs.

But, even as they talk about environmental justice on strictly environmental lines, the policies and solutions have little to do with helping the environmental and more about making these poor folks and “minorities”, often one and the same in Democratic Party run cities and states, because they like black people kept down just like they always have, be more dependent on Government and more controlled by Government.

The environmental justice plans have all been tucked into broader climate policy packages. Large green groups say that’s a good thing — many of the communities targeted by polluters are also the most likely to be affected by climate change.

They’ve also been living close to industries that spew climate change-accelerating pollution.

“It’s impossible these days to divorce environmental justice impacts from climate change because many of the same companies and industries that are causing climate change are pedaling environmental injustices,” said Charlie Jiang, a climate campaigner with Greenpeace USA, pointing to refineries and other polluting industries often located in such neighborhoods.

It’s not about science, it’s about politics. Nothing more, nothing less.

Even Nancy Pelosi is getting the idea that this stuff, along with the other policies being pushed, are dangerous for Democrats

Democratic House Speaker Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) slammed the field of 2020 Democratic presidential candidates on Friday over their far-left policy ideas, warning that the country is not “San Francisco.”

“What works in San Francisco does not necessarily work in Michigan,” Pelosi told Bloomberg News. “As a left-wing San Francisco liberal I can say to these people: What are you thinking?”

Pelosi specifically raised the alarm over socialist Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s (D-NY) proposed $93 trillion “Green New Deal,” which Ocasio-Cortez’s former Chief-of-Staff Saikat Chakrabarti admitted was about implementing socialism.

It’s a good thing the Republican president is like all the others and won’t fight back, right?

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