Bummer: St. Greta Learns That Moving Around The Planet Is Not Easy As Climate Conference Moves To Spain

St. Greta has been traveling all over Canada and the U.S. (no media outlet ever reports on the exact particulars of how. Strange, right?), doing her climate cultist schtick. She even got kids to blow off school in Los Angeles and yammered on with her deep knowledge and degrees in scientific endeavors about wildfires getting worse on Friday. Now?

Greta Thunberg is stuck on the wrong continent after the year’s most important UN climate-change summit got moved from Chile to Spain

The most famous youth climate activist doesn’t fly.

Because of air travel’s large carbon footprint, Greta Thunberg relies on trains and boats for transportation instead. But that’s put the Swedish 16-year-old in a bit of a bind.

Thunberg traveled from the UK to New York City on the Malizia II, a sailboat that runs on solar power (and wind, of course), in order to speak at the United Nations Climate Action Summit. Her plan was to stay in the Americas until the UN COP25 climate summit in early December.

But on Friday, the event got moved to Madrid because the Chilean capital is the throes of riots and protests.

Now Thunberg is looking for a low-emissions way to travel back across the Atlantic Ocean before COP25 commences on December 2.

First Brazil pulled out of hosting COP25, then Chile, and now Spain will host it. What’s a climate cultist to do?

Poor St. Greta. First, she’ll have to figure out a carbon neutral way to travel from L.A. to the U.S. east coast. I suppose maybe Mexico or the U.S. on the Gulf Of Mexico, but, the winds of the season deem the U.S. northeast if she wants to find a sailing ship that is willing to cross the Atlantic.

Only a handful of zero-emissions vessels like the Malizia II exist, Casiraghi told The New York Times.

Because they are extremely expensive (and they aren’t really zero-emissions). She’s learning a valuable lesson that moving around internationally isn’t all that easy without fossil fuels. It’s not 1492.

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