Caring About Hotcoldwetdry Is The Christian Thing To Do Or Something

Excitable Katherine Hayhoe is at it again. She’s the “climate scientist” who has been attempting to say that her Christianity is the backbone of her Belief in anthropogenic climate change, and she’s so tolerant that she blocks anyone who disagrees with her and refuses to debate people with other beliefs. Her latest screed is at the NY Times

Caring About Climate Change Is the Christian Thing to Do

I’m a climate scientist. I’m also an evangelical Christian.

And I’m Canadian, which is why it took me so long to realize the first two things were supposed to be entirely incompatible.

I grew up in a Christian family with a science-teacher dad who taught us that science is the study of God’s creation. If we truly believe that God created this amazing universe, bringing matter and energy to life out of a formless empty void of nothing, then how could studying his creation ever be in conflict with his written word?

I chose what to study precisely because of my faith, because climate change disproportionately affects the poor and vulnerable, those already most at risk today. To me, caring about and acting on climate was a way to live out my calling to love others as we’ve been loved ourselves by God.

Yeah, this is the same thing she writes in different forms time and time again

Now, this discrepancy is pointed out to me nearly every day: often by people with Bible verses in their social media profiles who accuse me of spreading Satan’s lies, or sometimes by others who share my concerns about climate change but wonder why I bother talking to “those people.” The attacks I receive come via email, Twitter, Facebook comments, phone calls and even handwritten letters.

See, she’s a Victim!

But I refuse to give it up, because I am a theological evangelical, one of those who can be simply defined as someone who takes the Bible seriously. This stands in stark contrast to today’s political evangelicals, whose statement of faith is written first by their politics and only a distant second by the Bible and who, if the two conflict, will prioritize their political ideology over theology.

See, her beliefs are Correct, while everyone who doesn’t believe exactly like her is wrong. How well does it work in convincing people when you denigrate their beliefs?

I’m not a glutton for punishment and I don’t thrive on conflict. So why do I keep talking about climate change to people who are disengaged or doubtful?

She doesn’t. She blocks them. She won’t engage with them

Because I believe that evangelicals who take the Bible seriously already care about climate change (although they might not realize it). Climate change will strike hard against the very people we’re told to care for and love, amplifying hunger and poverty, and increasing risks of resource scarcity that can exacerbate political instability, and even create or worsen refugee crises.

She can believe all she wants. She cannot prove, using the Scientific Method, that the current warm period is mostly/solely caused by the actions of Mankind.

Anyhow, this piece keeps going on and on and on, essentially using her Christian beliefs as a cover to implement the hardcore authoritarianism demanded by the Cult of Climastrology.

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