Trump Looks To Increase Government Transparency

Obviously, this is an impeachable offense

Trump Moves to Increase Transparency in Government Regulations

Kevin Lunny and his family ran Drakes Bay Oyster Company for about 50 years on the Northern California coastline before the federal government shut down the business over regulations he wasn’t aware of.

“We produced nearly half of all the sustainable oysters in Northern California,” Lunny said Wednesday at the White House, before President Donald Trump signed two executive orders to prevent federal agencies from regulatory abuse.

“The National Park Service forced our oyster farm out of business,” Lunny said. “If that wasn’t enough for our family and our community, today the rest of agriculture, which includes another 24 ranchers and family farm businesses within the National Seashore, are facing the exact same process.” (snip)

One of Trump’s executive orders, titled “Bringing Guidance Out of the Darkness,” prohibits federal agencies from bypassing the cost-benefit analysis and avoiding public comment—both required when agencies adopt a regulation.

Another executive order, titled “Transparency and Fairness,” protects Americans from unlawful interpretations of existing regulations, or from unexpected penalties. Agencies would be required to proactively educate the public before imposing costly fines.

This goes right to the heart of the federal bureaucracies, which, while they certainly have some good people working there, as a collective they think they’re better than everyone else and In Charge of the American citizenry. They have their Own Ideas, turned into rules and regulations, and everyone must follow them, even when they don’t know what they are. They consistently over-reach and interpret Congressional laws how they see fit. Mission creep.

Further, this is exactly the kind of thing Trump was elected to do. He said he would take on this “deep state”, and he’s doing it. Over course, doing things like this, along with so many other things Conservative, will never see #NeverTrump give him any credit.

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    Burisma paid Joe Biden $900,000 for lobbying – Ukrainian MP



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