Extinction Rebellion Uses Fire Engine To Shoot Blood At British Treasury

And they’re very surprised that the leader and a few others are facing charges

(Fox News) British police arrested four members of the climate activist group Extinction Rebellion on Thursday after they used a fire engine to spray the U.K.’s Treasury building with hundreds of gallons of fake blood.

The group said it carried out the protest because it wanted to raise awareness of the “inconsistency between the U.K. government’s insistence that the U.K. is a world leader in tackling climate breakdown while pouring vast sums of money into fossil exploration and carbon-intensive projects,” according to Sky News.

But their latest stunt had some mishaps.

Organizers said they sprayed 1,800 liters of red liquid colored with food dye at the Treasury building, yet most of it appeared to have ended up on the street and sidewalk, Sky News reports. At another point, the protesters lost control of the decommissioned fire engine’s hose, it added.

The Met Police later said it arrested three men and one woman on suspicion of criminal damage and that there were no injuries stemming from the incident.

I used the Fox article because it was the most recent, most UK sources were about 5 hours ago (at the time I wrote this for posting later). But, even newer from the Met Police

The question now is “will the judiciary let them go?” They’ve let others go scott free, much like most of the folks involved in vandalizing Confederate statues have had charges dropped, how Antifa nutters involved in violence and criminal intimidation have been let go (those the police even bothered arresting), etc.

A couple tweets with photos below the fold

One has to wonder what polling would tell us about whether this helps or hurts the insane moonbat Warmists.

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5 Responses to “Extinction Rebellion Uses Fire Engine To Shoot Blood At British Treasury”

  1. Ron B Liebermann says:

    Well, the first thing that you need to do is stop referring to them as “Climate Change Activists” There is, in fact, too much Carbon being released into the atmosphere. But it’s not because of Crude Oil; it’s because better forms of power generation are prohibited. That crude oil is worth a lot of money.

    These people who “protest” refuse to consider the facts. First of all, we are in a global overpopulation crisis. And secondly, vehicles could easily burn less gasoline; but they are designed to use as much fuel as possible. Again, it’s about the money.

    These young people are very naive. They think that “the government” can change things. But the government is a just group of people who take bribes. That’s how they stay in office. If we wanted to emit less Carbon, we would have to eliminate the Mob; and the entire system of payola. That’s what young people don’t understand. They know nothing about the Mafia.

    • formwiz says:

      Funny how that Mob is mostly Leftist, mostly Democrat.

      Government, with the people behind it, can change things as long it’s there for the people. If they’re in it for themselves, that’s when the Committees of Vigilance come in.

      PS ROLCON.

  2. Kye says:

    ” First of all, we are in a global overpopulation crisis.” No, we are not. There are areas of the globe that are experiencing famines but that happens because of politics, not climate. Even in Africa it it the Marxist governments that shut down food production like Rhodesia and now S. Africa. There is even starvation in modern communist countries like N. Korea and China. “Experts” have been calling the world overpopulated since as long as I can recall and we feed more people every year.

    “And secondly, vehicles could easily burn less gasoline; but they are designed to use as much fuel as possible. Again, it’s about the money.” I don’t know where you live but where I live we have mileage quotas and have since around 1965 and each year they get more stringent. Therefore, vehicle are not “designed to use as much fuel as possible”, quite the contrary consumer vehicles prominently display the (mandatory) Fuel Mileage Guide on their window stickers and commercial vehicles need to be as economical as possible to get penny pinching business to use them.

    BTW, the government CAN change things. It’s what they do. Sometimes for the better sometimes for the worse. If government decided to mandate the building of 5 nuclear power plants in every state within five years to allow the entire country to go electric it would be for the better but every time you see “protesters” or “advocates” pushing wind or solar you are watching communists and the morons who follow them trying to dismantle American capitalism, not save the climate.

    Only idiots claim to want to clean up the climate yet refuse nuclear power.

    • Elwood P. Dowd says:

      250 nuclear power plants in 5 years? At $10 billion each. $2.5 trillion in the first year, all from government since private investors won’t touch it.

      Why spend all that when we have enough coal to power us for a hundred years? Convince the American people that global warming is a hoax and start building coal plants!!

      • formwiz says:

        He wasn’t advocating, merely hypothesizing.

        Global nonsense is a hoax and we already have the coal plants. Problem solved.

        And Kye’s right about overpopulation. It was a scam (like so many others) when Ehrlich first promoted it.

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