Comrade Bernie Says His $16 Trillion Green New Deal Will Pay For Itself Or Something

By “paying for itself” he means that consumers will pay for it with sky high cost of living

Bernie Sanders Says His $16 Trillion Climate Change Proposal Will Basically Pay for Itself

As the 2020 presidential election draws near and the 18 remaining Democratic candidates work to break away from the pack and secure the primary, Senator Bernie Sanders sat down at Cosmopolitan’s office to talk about his campaign, why he doesn’t think he’s “far left,” why he won’t take away AR-15 assault rifles from gun owners if elected, and how he plans to fund his ambitious $16 trillion climate change proposal. (snip)

Sanders admitted that it is a “very expensive” and “very detailed” program that’s estimated to cost $16 trillion, but he intends to pay for it by cutting the $4 billion subsidies and tax breaks he said the fossil fuel industry currently receives. He added that he also plans to get the federal government to produce sustainable energy and sell it to international utility companies, which he said will make “a lot of money.”

Another course of action: “We are going to end military protection that now exists for oil producers around world and that is going to save billions. Hundreds of billions of dollars.”

According to Sanders, that strategy will “kind of” pay for the plan, which also includes creating about 20 million new jobs that are geared toward pulling away from fossil fuels and moving toward using sustainable energy.

Says the guy who has three homes and jets all around the country. But, hey, he’s not worried, because he’s part of the bourgeoisie, and not particularly concerned with rising prices from his policies for his own life. You? Have fun.

He knows it’s a lofty goal, but for him, the alternative is like a “raging fire” in a building that people will try to ignore if it suits them. “We have got to put out the fire that is now raging all over the world or else, the planet that we live to our children, and our grandchildren—my grandson is right here; I have 7 beautiful grandchildren—and the planet we leave to future generations will be increasingly unhealthy and unlivable,” he concluded. “From a moral perspective, we cannot do that.”

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5 Responses to “Comrade Bernie Says His $16 Trillion Green New Deal Will Pay For Itself Or Something”

  1. Nighthawk says:

    All these dire doom and gloom predictions are based on climate models. Here is what an expert who has worked with these models has to say about them.

    Shaky ground to be making multi trillion dollar bets on.

  2. There won’t be a sky high cost of living increase. The peasants (the ones who will be allowed to live) will just have to learn to make do with less. Just like in every communist country, ever. The new aristocracy, of course will still get to live like royalty, just like in every communist country, ever. Communism has always been about the new aristocracy killing off the old aristocracy and taking their stuff, then putting in place a police security state so that another new aristocracy can’t do the same to them.

  3. Kye says:

    You have perfectly described the communist political cycle. Comrade Elwood fancies himself Commissar Fredo in charge of Truth & Propaganda. Then Fake News coups and phony “Impeachment” show trials can finally be done away with in favor of the leftists preferred form of forced removal and immediate execution.

    • Elwood P. Dowd says:

      Kye Eichmann is already planning his final solution to rid America of “undesirables” (Muslims, liberals, Blacks, atheists, intellectuals, non-white immigrants, Native Americans). All it takes is the re-election of Chancellor Trump to put his plan into action.

  4. ST says:

    Global Warming Update – “Unprecedented” Winter Storm Emergency. Record Breaking Snowfall in September. Dumps 4 ft of Snow

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