Trump Goes After San Francisco Over Environmental Damage From Used Needles

It’s never wise to bait President Donald Trump, because he’s more than up to the task to coming back at you, especially when there’s a real problem

Trump threatens environmental action against San Francisco

President Donald Trump says he’s sending San Francisco a notice of violation for its homeless problem.

The president told reports aboard Air Force One on Wednesday that a tremendous amount of raw sewage from the homeless problem- including needles – is going into storm drains that then goes into the ocean.

He said the city is in “total violation” and that he will ask the Environmental Protection Agency to send out a notice very soon.

It was not immediately clear which environmental laws Trump believes San Francisco has violated.

How about the federal laws about raw sewage ending up in the waterways? How about proper disposal of used drug needles ending up in the waterways? Of course, Liberals are having fits over Trump calling them out for the situation the Liberals created

But San Francisco Mayor London Breed responded to the president on Twitter, saying “If the president wants to talk about homelessness, we are committed to working on actual solutions, like adding 1,000 new shelter beds by next year and working to pass a $600 million affordable housing bond to create more badly needed housing. We wish the federal government would offer support on solutions that help people exit homelessness.”

Hey, if we didn’t have to spend so much on housing illegal aliens, the money would be there. If San Fran wasn’t so expensive and created this homeless issue, along with tolerating the garbage, sewage, poop in the streets and used needles in the streets. And then there’s Lefty The Daily Beast

If that’s the case, then why worry about plastic straws? Really, it doesn’t matter, because Democrats will oppose Trump on anything. And now they’ll oppose him on cleaning up the environment.

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5 Responses to “Trump Goes After San Francisco Over Environmental Damage From Used Needles”

  1. John says:

    America was great when taxes were highdrgicit low and straws were paper
    Make ‘Merica Great Again

  2. formwiz says:

    As we’ve seen, nothing is dearer to the hearts of Lefties than using “climate” as a way of scaring people into letting them take over the country.

    But what about “compassion?”

    Now they get to put up or shut up.

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