Al Roker Takes Long Fossil Fueled Trip To Greenland For NBC’s New Climate Unit

NBC has joined the push by Warmists to get the news industry involved (even more) in pushing the ‘climate change’ cult indoctrination (as I noted the other day). And how are they starting off?

Al Roker just got back from Greenland, and he’s horrified by what he saw there
As part of NBC’s upcoming “Climate in Crisis” programming week and the launch of its new Climate Unit, Roker watched NASA track melting glaciers in Greenland. Their findings are worrisome for the whole planet.

NASA’s OMG mission is ongoing, and Today’s weather and feature anchor Al Roker recently joined it in Kulusuk, Greenland, as part of a new reporting unit at NBC that will focus on telling the story of climate change. Roker says that Arctic regions serve as “the canary in the coal mine” for climate change, as readily visible changes there signify serious problems to come for the rest of the planet. Greenland’s melting glaciers mean the eventual disappearance of habitable land in low-level areas ranging from Bangladesh to Florida. “The ripple effects [from Arctic] areas result around the globe, including the United States,” Roker says.

This is the kind of research NBC’s new Climate Unit will continue to focus on. The unit will debut its work on Sunday, September 15 with an on-the-ground reporting series titled “Climate in Crisis” that will run through Friday, September 20 across NBC News, MSNBC, Telemundo, and NBC News Digital Sunday. While Roker’s trip to Greenland will highlight the many consequences of the country’s glacier melt, Lester Holt’s will travel to Alaska, his home as a child, to showcase what happens what a permafrost thaws does to cities.

Though NBC’s Climate Unit launched this week, Roker has been advocating for its development for a while. About a month ago, the president of NBC News, Noah Oppenheim, agreed to get it up and running. “We think it’s the most important issue affecting not just the country but the planet,” he’d told Roker, who’s now heading up the unit. With NBC’s Weather Unit already in place, creating the Climate Unit was a matter of adding more resources, producers, and correspondents. The size of the unit will continue to increase, Roker says.

Oh, goody

So, how did Al get there? How did he travel around? How did he come back? And, yes, this matters. We’re told by people like Roker that we are doomed, particularly from fossil fuels, yet, he uses a ton to travel and see mildly melting glaciers (which are melting primarily from nature, and some are growing).

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7 Responses to “Al Roker Takes Long Fossil Fueled Trip To Greenland For NBC’s New Climate Unit”

  1. Elwood P. Dowd says:

    TEACH says a Greenland glacier is growing but his citation from Tony Wuwt states: “The glacier is still adding to global sea level rise – it continues to lose more ice to the ocean than it gains from snow accumulation – but at a slower rate.”

    According to Tony colder ocean water due to the North Atlantic Oscillation has slowed the glacier’s melt rate.

    The Greenland ice sheet continues to lose ice, but not to worry as it will take several hundreds of years if not few thousands to completely melt this giant ice sheet.

    It’s a common tactic to personally attack the bearer of unwanted news, hence TEACHs constant personal attacks on scientists and media who disagree with TEACHs beliefs. TEACH did nothing to refute the claims.

    Why does ice, which is inanimate, believe the hoax of global warming???

    • david7134 says:

      The ice is melting secondary to geothermal activity. Keep lying.

      Then tell us how taxes and global communism is going to stop anything except our way of life.

    • formwiz says:

      It doesn’t, because it’s smarter than you, but good to see you’re admitting it is a scam.

    • Doom and Gloom says:

      The Greenland ice sheet continues to lose ice, but not to worry as it will take several hundreds of years if not a few thousand to completely melt this giant ice sheet.

      A paper written by the Santa Barbra School of Oceanography back when AGW wasn’t a career killer if you were in academia and didn’t agree said that in bygone days when the earth was about 12 degrees C warmer than today for 12,000 years only 40 percent of the Greenland Ice sheet melted based upon some rather sound scientific evidence.

      The problem with the AGW troupe is that they all believe the earth is going to succumb to a few molecules of co2 in 10-50 years when in times past 100’s of thousands if not millions of years of climate catastrophe did not destroy the planet.

      Yet to hear the AGW crowd tell it, we are going to destroy the planet in a few short years if we don’t:

      Raise Taxes.
      Create an authoritarian government
      Take away our guns.
      Give everyone universal health care
      Give Free college.
      Open up our borders for everyone to come to the USA and GET FREE STUFF.
      Ban all fossil fuels
      Destroy a dozen sectors of our economy while ensuring everyone has a government job.

      All of this will certainly end the global catastrophe. I am convinced for sure

  2. Kye says:

    Fredo, you do realize how Greenland got it’s name, don’t you? It used to be green. So it could be asserted that Greenland’s natural state is fewer glacier or glacier free. Now I’m no climate scientist and neither are you so I think we’d be better off using logic rather than innuendo by other people who are being paid huge sums to tell you the sky is falling. You know, like they did with the ozone hole, alar, the 1980 ice age, NY under water by 2000 and the assorted and sundry other false prophecies.

    Teach didn’t make personal attacks on the bearers of unwanted news or the scientists and media who disagree with his view. I think Teach is attacking them for cooking the books, lying for money and colluding to defraud weak minded Americans. When people claim “the science is settled” they are NOT scientists and they are liars. Especially when they make science into politics. I don’t understand how you can’t see that.

    • Aggie says:

      Actually, Al isn’t a climate scientist either, he just plays one on TV. His bachelor’s degree is in journalism and he only became a weatherman as a fill-in.

      1960’s: Overpopulation, we’re all gonna starve and die
      1970’s: Deforestation, no oxygen, we’re all gonna choke and die
      1980’s: Acid Rain, water is poisoned, we’re all gonna gag and die
      1990’s: Ozone layer’s gone, we’re all gonna burn to a crisp and die
      2000’s: Global Warming, sea level’s rising and we’re all gonna drown and die
      2010’s: Climate Change, we only got 12 more years before we’re all gonna die

      Things are looking up.

  3. ST says:

    Opening Statement – Justice With Judge Jeanine 9/14/19 (video)

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