Trump Wants To Take On Homelessness, And, Of Course, That’s a Bad Thing

It’s mostly Democratic Party run cities that are having massive problems with homelessness, especially in places like San Francisco, Portland, Seattle, Los Angeles, and others. So, hottakes abound. Here’s the LA Times

Editorial: Surprise! Trump wants to help L.A.’s homeless by cracking down on them

Everyone in Los Angeles County knows how pervasive and intractable a problem homelessness is. Even as we increase the number of shelter beds and build permanent supportive housing and dispense rental subsidies and provide all manner of other services, it’s not enough to stanch the flow of newly homeless people onto the sidewalks.

So the arrival this week of a group of officials from the Trump administration saying they want to learn about homelessness ought to be a hopeful sign. It should be a good thing that the federal government, with all its experts and money and other resources, is interested and wants to help. (snip)

But, sadly, help is not what we’ve come to expect from the Trump administration. The Washington Post reported Tuesday that the president wants to conduct a sweeping “crackdown” on California’s homeless, razing encampments and moving homeless people into “government-backed facilities.” A Trump spokesman said that the president blames “liberal policies of overregulation, excessive taxation, and poor public service delivery” for homelessness and poverty in California, which he has called “a disgrace.”

So, giving them a roof over their head, beds, clean clothes, and food is Bad because Trump wants to help.

(NY Times) Three mayors — Libby Schaaf of Oakland, Sam Liccardo of San Jose and Darrell Steinberg of Sacramento — said they saw the administration’s foray into the state’s homelessness crisis as 2020 presidential politics.

“Homelessness is not a partisan issue and we shouldn’t make it one,” Mr. Liccardo said. “Both Democrats and Republicans are dying on our streets.”

But the ballooning crisis in the state — the number of homeless people in San Jose, for example, is up by 42 percent from two years ago — has happened on the Democrats’ watch and Mr. Trump appears to see political vulnerability for them in the issue.

Or, perhaps Trump cares that these shithole liberal cities are failing their residents and wants to actually help. Esquire’s headline/subhead is

Trump’s Sudden Interest in California’s Homeless Is a 2020 Campaign Tactic, Plain and Simple
The rubes at the rallies love horror stories about The Big Bad Cities and The Big Bad People who live there.

Media Matters For Amerika goes with conspiracy

Fox News has spent months demonizing homelessness in California. Now Trump wants a major crackdown.


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18 Responses to “Trump Wants To Take On Homelessness, And, Of Course, That’s a Bad Thing”

  1. Elwood P. Dowd says:

    tRump now wants to ban flavored e-cigarettes. Should have been done long ago.

    What do you all think.

    • david7134 says:

      What do I think? I think Trump is the best president ever. You of course phrase your statement as if Trump is late in doing this and that you were so smart as to think up the position before everykne. And of course if it means the central government interfering in our lives, you get all goose bumpy with the concept. Now you will take my statement and try to turn it to make it seem like I don’t see the evil in ecigs. But we know that it not true. Just think of Obama had the intelligence to see the health issues, but he was getting a piece of the action.

    • Kye says:

      Finally you agree with Trump. Glad you’ve come aboard!

      Trump 2020 Even Fredo supports Trump!!

    • formwiz says:

      Frankly, my dear, I don’t give a damn.

      • It’s not the flavors. It’s the drugs. People are using their e-cigs to ingest narcotic vapors, mostly from cannabis. But I don’t see any political leaders telling people to avoid weed. Democrats need their young stoners. Maybe we should have a law against drugs.

        • david7134 says:

          The drugs are an issue. But these products are being developed by secondary sources that are not as upstanding as the original developers. With the limited information I have, it seems that the people are getting a lipoid pneumonia. This is secondary to inhalation of oil products. We used to see this when people would put stuff up their nose for a cold, then it got into their lungs. This type of pneumonia is very bad and generally leads to death. Also the flavor is a draw for children.

  2. Elwood P. Dowd says:

    But isn’t a ban on e-cigs interfering with the free market? Think of the lost jobs. Think of the broken dreams of all those entrepreneurs. It’s already a multi-billion dollar industry.

    Would you support banning regular cigarettes which kill over 400,000 Americans EVERY YEAR?

    • formwiz says:

      We don’t allow atom bombs on the free market.

      What’s the point?

      If any.

      • Elwood P. Dowd says:

        E-cigs = atom bombs?

        Regular cigarettes kill over 400,000 Americans a year. Would you support tRump if he ordered the FDA to ban cigarettes?

        • Liljeffyatemypuppy says:

          Since gay, bisexual, and other men who have sex with men bear the greatest burden by risk group, representing an estimated 26,000 of new HIV infections per year, would the whiny little sissybitch support a ban on butt f@cking?

          Lolgfy loser.

      • You don’t “Allow” products to be on a “free” market. Any restrictions at all on any product tells you it is not a free market. And I’m OK with that. I just like people to stop pretending our market is free.

  3. Elwood P. Dowd says:

    Regarding the homeless, the devil is in the details. Given tRump’s track record and his obvious concern about losing the election we should all be suspicious of his motives.

    “Like many Americans, the president has taken notice of the homelessness crisis, particularly in cities and states where the liberal policies are combining to dramatically increase poverty and public health risks,” said Judd Deere, a White House spokesman.

    What’s your plan, Don?

    “The White House this year proposed cutting the HUD budget by about 20 percent, eliminating the programs that build and preserve homes for the lowest-income people, Yentel said. It has also proposed cutting federal rental assistance for a quarter of a million families, as well as evicting 55,000 children from subsidized housing.”

    Millions of low income Americans have lost their health coverage the past few years.

    How many 100 billion taxpayer dollars will tRump be willing to spend?

    • formwiz says:

      The Demos have turned CA, once the pot at the end of the rainbow for the entire human race when the Rs ran it, into a Third World sewer.

      Diseases eradicated from this country are beginning not only to be seen again, but in epidemic numbers.

      Trump wants to put an end to that. Put all the bums in the mental institutions where they belong.

      Send the illegals home.

      And it isn’t an issue of if The Donald will win, but by how many states.

      Who have the Demos got?

      Gropin’ Joe, who can’t even remember what day it is?
      Bernie, who wants to set up Auschwitz-on-the-Amazon?
      Fauxcahontas, who’s losing the yoot vote?
      Chlamydia, who’s polling at 1% among blacks?
      Spartacus, who’s polling at 0% among blacks?
      Buttpeg, who wants to tell Christians what their faith is?

      Millions of low income Americans have lost their health coverage the past few years.

      Because they didn’t want to pay Zippy’s taxes.

  4. formwiz says:

    Oh, remember how our Village Idiot claimed “the courts” struck down Trump’s new asylum rules because it wasn’t a law, just a made-up policy by Trump’s DOJ and DHS?

    Well, the courts (the real ones, not some lone appointee) just upheld it. SCUS and 9th Circus both upheld the Administration over an Ozippy activist.

    PS Don’t forget Pancho Vanilla, who’s running 5th in TX.

  5. Elwood P. Dowd says:

    The Dumbass typed:

    “Diseases eradicated from this country are beginning not only to be seen again, but in epidemic numbers.”

    Can you list these emerging epidemics?

    “Put all the bums in the mental institutions where they belong.”

    How many billions are you willing to spend on housing these Americans (nearly 600,000)? What authority do you use to incarcerate them?

    • formwiz says:

      In reverse order, we had the authority until the Warren Court took it away. And the money would be less than all the “services” the Lefties insist on providing.

      Mumps, measles, bubonic plague, polio, scarlet fever, TB, rubella, typhus (a big worry in LA), shigellosis, trench fever, Hepatitis A, typhoid fever, malaria, scabies, chickenpox, Staphylococcus aureus, and whooping cough. I didn’t even bother with all the venereal diseases.

      And the best part?

      Spread by all those bums and illegals you want wandering the streets.

      PS Even the Fake News is concerned. Using lines like health crisis and disaster. They can’t go from BelAir to Malibu anymore.

      PPS I notice you were afraid to answer my note about that made-up policy by Trump’s DOJ and DHS.

      The appellate court system is yet another thing of which you are ignorant.

      When you’re not lying about it.

  6. Doom and Gloom says:

    In California and Seattle, they pretend to fix the problem by giving MORE MONEY. Yet the problem remains unresolved. To read the above article you would think that California is doing all it can and yet the problem persists.

    So it is time to fix the problem. Now to be honest I hold out ZERO hope that Trump and the Feds can fix this problem because you have an entrenched Bureaucracy with a lot of skin in the game over the homeless and allowing the Right to fix the problem would show them up.

    This is the kind of partisan thinking that keeps the plantation alive. To be fair for decades the right ignored it because the left owned it. But now with sweeping demographic changes its important that the right becomes involved with the Black and Hispanic and poor white to try and fix the problem of drug addiction, abuse and homelessness. Not to mention the rebuilding of some of these inner cities and then prevent their destruction like the left did back under JFK, LBJ only to watch them turn into Ghettos of dispair.

    The left wants to continue to fill the plantation with more poverty-stricken people and then blame it on the Republicans and corporations. To be fair what company wants to hire a toothless, drug addict who stinks of feces to work in McDonald’s? Seriously?

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