Warmists Tackle Eco-Anxiety And Hotcoldwetdry At The Same Time

Small, tiny, minuscule acts can totally help soothe their nuttbaggery, you know

Tackling eco-anxiety and climate change one small act at a time

“I’m just one person. There’s nothing I can do.”

It’s an excuse Jessica Correa hears often. But it’s a mindset she hopes to change as she travels across the country this fall to offer hope in a world sometimes filled with despair.

Correa, founder of Random Acts of Green, says she understands the anxiety, frustration and helplessness Canadians are feeling as they witness the devastating impact climate change is having on the planet every day. And the weight of that burden can often times feel overwhelming.

But there are lots of ways individuals can make a difference, she says, even if they are feeling they are not doing enough.

“All of those small things can have a large impact,” says Correa.

Random Acts of Green (RAOG), a Canadian social enterprise dedicated to encouraging participation in “green acts” that help reduce greenhouse gas emissions, helps connect the dots between one person doing something to the other hundreds of thousands of people taking action – showing them that there is a critical mass of individuals that are all working toward collective change.

“We aren’t asking a handful of people to be completely perfect, rather we are asking the 37 million people living in Canada to incorporate small changes in their lives, which add up to a big collective impact,” says Correa.

See, climate cultists can download an app

App users can log and track their Green Acts – actions such as carpooling, composting, washing their laundry in cold water, and refusing single-use plastic items. Those acts can earn users green points that can be redeemed for real-world discounts with participating business partners, like restaurants.

Strange, nothing about giving up their own use of fossil fuels, paying tens of thousands for solar panels on their homes, on moving into a tiny home. On getting rid of ice makers, line drying their clothes, and so many of the big things.

She says each person needs to find the actions and approach that best suit their preference and lifestyle; that way, their actions will be ones that are more sustainable. She says the impacts of climate change simply can’t be ignored and people need to take ownership in making changes.

On that, she’s right, Warmists do need to practice what they preach. But, other than token measures, that doesn’t happen. And they’re all still nuts.

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One Response to “Warmists Tackle Eco-Anxiety And Hotcoldwetdry At The Same Time”

  1. Doom and Gloom says:

    I’m all for these people downloading an APP on their ANDROID OR APPLE PHONE ALL MADE IN CHINA so that the Communist government can data mine all their personal information.

    Downloading Apps from these stores is an insanely mindless risk to your personal security. No one really knows what information they are storing and sharing and even when you think your turning off the GPS tracking in phones or turning off Siri you are not really turning them off, you’re just muting them and they are still active.

    Hell, they got GPS tracking in your cars now. Your refrigerator listens to your conversations. On and on it goes. I’m all for outlawing the internet tbh. I could do without the discourse that happens on five billion accounts daily. All because the internet is a form of instant communications for like-minded thugs to plot to attack each other. For crazies to post their manifesto’s and then go kill people.

    Yeah, the internet is the worst thing to happen to civilization ever, people just don’t realize they are sitting in a slowly warming to a boil….. pot of crapola,

    Why any libertarian would agree to the TOS of android or apple or MS Terms of service is insane.

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