Democrats: Let’s Just Ban Everything To Stop The Earth From Getting A Fever!

Except for themselves, of course

This is exactly why the DNC did not want a climate change debate. Team Trump and other Republicans will have plenty of material.

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13 Responses to “Democrats: Let’s Just Ban Everything To Stop The Earth From Getting A Fever!”

  1. Elwood P. Dowd says:

    A post doing nothing but retweeting a lying twitterer. Solid work, TEACH, solid work.

    • Liljeffyatemypuppy says:

      Yeah. Just let us know when you start up your own blog.
      Nevermind, besides being a lazy ass, we all know the whiny little sissybitch has never had an original thought of her own.

      Lolgfy grandpa.

      • Elwood P. Dowd says:

        Says the chief dung-beetle of a ShitHole blog… unemployed, garage band, fired from your last job as a hospital aide for “taste-testing” the rectal thermometers.

        Your mommy must be soooo proud.

  2. Hoss says:

    They’re modern-day Luddites, but I’ll bet if you said we had to ban the production of cell phones they’d be hysterical.

    We’ve all said it 1,000 times, when democrats start practicing what they preach then maybe we’ll start believing that they really do think it’s an “existential” threat. Until then they can just stfu, and no, we’re not letting you dumbasses destroy the economy and our standard of living over a fairy tale…and I’m still waiting to hear what the democrats are going to do to make the Chinese and Indians comply and bow to the climate change narrative.

    • Elwood P. Dowd says:

      “…when democrats (sic) start practicing what they preach then maybe we’ll start believing that they really do think it’s an “existential” threat.”

      Why would anyone base their scientific conclusions on what others believe or do?

      Pretty lazy, right?

      What makes you think that tackling global warming would “destroy the economy and our standard of living”? You heard it from FOX?

      It will take international agreements to get China to continue (and increase) their efforts to reduce emissions.

  3. Doom and Gloom says:

    It is remarkable that the left is so gullible as to accept the climate change argument given almost everyone of their arguments are based loosely in scientific evidence but lack any proof.

    A quick rehash of what I am referring to.

    Worth reading:

    The story of Ball’s vindication,(Ball was sued for defamation…a bad move on Manns part since once you go to court then all bets are off and discovery is allowed meaning you must produce evidence to all sides of the case) and of Mann’s shame, is a somewhat long one, and turns on Mann’s flat refusal to share publicly the data and methodology by which he constructed the Hockey Stick graph.

    In about 2003 a very talented Canadian mathematician(and pro AGW proponent who wanted to help Mann and the AGW movement at the time anyway) named Steve McIntyre began an effort to replicate the Mann/Bradley/Hughes work. McIntyre started with a request to Mann to provide the underlying data and methodologies (computer programming) that generated the graph. To his surprise, McIntyre was met not with prompt compliance (which would be the sine qua non of actual science) but rather with hostility and evasion. McIntyre started a blog called Climate Audit and began writing lengthy posts about his extensive and unsuccessful efforts to reconstruct the Hockey Stick.

    The tree ring data in question which was used by Mann to create 1000 years of statistical analysis was cherry picked using specific tree rings. Brifa’s tree ring data was cherry picked.

    How you ask. Simple. For the last 1000 years the edge of the frostline has changed over time. The Trees used in this sample were from the edge of the frost line. As a result the tree ring data did not show a flat line. It showed warming. As a result even the russian scientists who collected this data warned Mann et. al of the problem. Ignoring the warning and warming they cherry picked their data and constructed the hockey stick.

    Had Mann ever released his data what we would have seen is an upward tick that ends with the tip of the current hockey stick instead of a flat line for 900 years and then a dramatic uptick.

    In short. AGW may or may not be true, but comeon. If its true then the world needs to see your data. But as Dr. Phil said “Why would we show you our data only to have you attempt to prove it all wrong?”

    DUH! So this is why AGW is political and not scientific. There is much more going on than worrying about the planets health at work here. Everyone knows it including those paid to protest and those that simply believe their false gods proclaiming we are all going to die in 10-12 years if we dont act YESTERDAY!

    • Kye says:

      Nice try, D&G but if you’re attempting to reach the closed mind of Fredo it’s already made up and no amount of facts or inconsistencies can change it. He derives all his “scientific knowledge” from CNN, MSNBC, NYT and Vox. Which is why, as a leftist, he projects that to us by using FOX and such. He, like all leftists, believe since he thinks that way so does everyone else. He fails to realize we’re not taken in by the propaganda so no, we don’t think like that. And at CNN, MSNBC, NYT etc. there’s not a real climate scientist in the group. Fredo’s “science” is based on a political program not scientific proof like all the rest of his ill-conceived beliefs.

      Fredo professes to believe in science but what kind of science does one believe in when he believes a baby in the womb is not a human, men can become women by snipping off their balls or just “identifying” as one, there are more than two sexes and who knows how many races? That’s not science Fredo believes in, it’s magic! He’s smart, not like everybody says, dumb, he’s smart!

      • Elwood P. Dowd says:


        You never disappoint!

        What does global warming have to do with abortion, transgender and race?

        Funny how your “scientific” thoughts align with your political prejudices.

        • Liljeffyatemypuppy says:

          Is that another “original” thought?
          One wonders if the whiny little sissybitch has ever had an original thought or ever offered any intelligent insight?

          Lolgfy dumbass

        • Kye says:

          “What does global warming have to do with abortion, transgender and race?”

          They are all scientific topics made into political swamps by leftists. Or are you unaware human existence, sexuality and race are sciences? That would explain a lot.

          I find it interesting that you’re so self centered you think my political thoughts are “prejudices” but your political thoughts are brilliant ideas. Man, are you an idiot.

          You’re smart, not like they say, dumb. you’re smart! You tell’em Fredo. Our ideas and beliefs are “prejudices” but yours are as infallible as the Pope’s.

          Trump 2020 Get rid of leftists prejudices.

      • Doom and Gloom says:

        Funny this morning I saw a tweet by another hollywood type who said every time she sees a red hat she gets all sickly inside.

        And the crowd shouted Hallelujah! with thousands of retweets reinforcing her belief system.

        This is always something I point out to people living in an echo chamber. When you speak and someone goes Amen you gain validation. When you speak and someone speaks out against you then you tend to rethink.

        Case in point. Whoopi Goldberg putting a case of whoop ass on the nitwits from Will and Grace who said the Hollywood list of donors should be made public. Coming from a society who was blacklisted and suffered through McCarthyism you would think Hollywood would be much more forgiving. But alas no, because a whole new generation of nitwits who dont know a damn thing about the history of this country validate their every thought.

        But again, when you speak nonsense and no one calls you on it. well it makes you think you can keep speaking nonsense. Silence is a form of AMEN. I reckon that is why Elwood is here. He wants to be that voice which makes all of us smarter.

        How so? When he questions something we say, how many times have we researched our positions and proven him incorrect or at least disingenuous, making us smarter for having done so. I for one welcome his type here. Never rest in an echo chamber, never accept accolades from the choir and never take off your MAGA hat!!

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