Washington Post Offers Questions That Should Be Asked During A Climate Focused Debate Or Something

The Washington Post has asked a bunch of high muckity muck Warmists to offer some questions that should be asked of Democrats if they ever do a ‘climate change’ debate. The questions themselves tell an interesting story (remember, they are offering questions, not answer, here)

A climate-focused presidential debate? Here’s what moderators should ask.

Carol M. Browner Question: If Republicans still controlled at least one house of Congress when you took office, what would you be prepared to do on Day One, under existing executive authority, to set the country on a path to address the existential threat posed by climate change?

Katharine Hayhoe Question: How do you propose to move past the political posturing and rampant disinterest to persuade legislators and elected officials across the spectrum that climate action is not about defending a political position but about ensuring a safe future for ourselves and our children?

Ann Carlson Question: A number of cities around the country have sued oil companies for damages they are already experiencing as a result of climate change, such as sea level rise, wildfires, flooding, hurricanes and heat waves. Major oil companies want immunity from these lawsuits in exchange for agreeing to support a carbon tax. Do you support exempting oil companies from climate lawsuits in exchange for a carbon tax?

Kristie L. Ebi Question : Government agencies have supported limited research to better understand the health risks of climate change or to identify actions to prepare for its risks. How will your administration ensure the health and well-being of Americans in a changing climate?

These are all about how to increase the power of the Central Government. Jamming policies down the throats of citizens. Hayhoe’s question is interesting, in that she has pretty much admitted that there is “rampant disinterest” to Do Something about ‘climate change.’

Beverly Wright Question: If elected, would you join action on climate change with action to achieve environmental justice in communities of color burdened with racially disproportionate toxic pollution? How would you get this done?

See, this is not only about massively expanding Government, but about all the Social Justice Warrioring. It has nothing to do with actual science, unless we’re talking political science and social science.

Bill Nye Question: How would you persuade climate deniers in Congress to help you address the problem? Or how would you work around the deniers?

If you’re starting off by comparing people who aren’t buying into the notion that climatic changes are mostly/solely caused by mankind to Holocaust deniers, you aren’t going to be able to persuade anyone. They’re just going to tune you out. But, really, who are the real deniers? Those who do not believe that this is mostly/solely caused by Mankind, or those who do yet refuse to give up their own use of fossil fuels and make their lives carbon neutral?

Anyhow, I have a few questions myself they should be asked

  • When are you going to give up your own prolific use of fossil fuels, traveling around the nation on planes and in big SUVS while campaigning?
  • When will you give up your big house, and, for some of you, houses, and live in a tiny home with a small footprint?
  • How much of your own money are you will to have taken by government to pay for your Hotcoldwetdry ideas?
  • How do you propose to convince citizens that having their cost of living skyrocket while taking away their freedom and choice is a good thing?
  • The majority of citizens, including Democrat aren’t willing to spend more than $10 a month for Hotcoldwetdry: do you plan on convincing them that they should want to have more money taken, or will you just take it?
  • For those in the Senate, why did you vote “present” for the Green New Deal? For those in the House, why aren’t you demanding a vote on the GND?
  • What specific automobiles do you own?
  • Have you gone vegetarian yet, or at least give up meat multiple times a week?
  • Why aren’t you answering these questions, and when will you stop being a climahypocrite and make your life carbon neutral?

Warmists really do not like to answer questions that are inconvenient. Hence once reason there will be no climate debate. They really do not want to be shown as hypocrites, nor do they want to expose just how much this will cost citizens.

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6 Responses to “Washington Post Offers Questions That Should Be Asked During A Climate Focused Debate Or Something”

  1. Professor Hale says:

    When you policy is based on force, there is no need to waste effort on convincing anyone.

  2. formwiz says:

    Scream a little louder.

    On the strength of a study that household income will rise due to Trump’s deregulation, the market is about 5 points short of an all-time high close.

    So this nonsense is irrelevant.

    • Professor Hale says:

      For the record. The general trend of the market is to rise, no matter who the President is or what they are doing. The news media, filled with people who got journalism degrees instead of real educations, think they can tie every up and down to a political leader. But the market doesn’t work that way. Most investments are the result of automatic payroll deductions for 401K and IRAs. A lot of other market trades are just churning, trading one stock for another.

      Similarly, every time something happens within 500 miles of Saudi Arabia, the media “predicts” rising oil prices. They did this just last week when Iran shot down a US drone. But despite the normal Summer weekend vacation cycle, prices at the pump are less than last year at this time. But the News media doesn’t remember last year and can’t be bothered to google it.

  3. Liljeffyatemypuppy says:

    … address the existential threat posed by climate change…

    “Existential”, there’s that word again.

    BWAHA. LOL. Get f*cked. https://www.thepiratescove.us/wp-content/plugins/wp-monalisa/icons/wpml_cool.gif

  4. MrToad says:

    Who is denying that climate is real? That’s crazy talk.

    Now, denying that man made ‘Climate Change’ is actually happening is another subject completely. As long as ‘Climate Leaders’ like Al Gore, Leonardo DeCaprio, Richard Branson and Emma Thompson get to to deny ‘climate change’ and back up those denials by taking fossil fueled trips around the globe, then I can to.

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