California Budget Provides Health Care For Illegal Aliens

They can’t fix all the garbage, poop, and used hypodermic needles in the streets. Rat populations are exploding. Typhus and typhoid are showing up. Homelessness is high. So, hey, let’s provide more incentive for illegals to come to California

California’s $215 Billion Budget Includes Health Care for Illegal Aliens

California’s Democrat Gov. Gavin Newsom signed a $215 billion budget on Thursday, which includes taxpayer-funded health care for illegal aliens.

Newsom signed the massive $214.8 billion funding bill into law, which includes a provision that would expand health care for people who are illegally in the U.S. and penalizes people who do not purchase health insurance, the Los Angeles Times reported.

The California Democrat had proposed expanding health care for illegal aliens long before he took office.

In an August 2018 interview, Newsom said he would use an executive order to give universal health care to those residing in the U.S. illegally. Once Newsom took office in January, he proposed expanding Medi-Cal, the state version of Medicaid, to illegal aliens up to 26 years old.

Newsom proposed that $98 million in the budget should go to expanding taxpayer-funded health care for illegal aliens between 19 and 25 years old, but one state Assembly bill proposed setting aside $3.4 billion to cover all illegal aliens over 19 years old.

How much this will cost the taxpayers of California is not fully known. The LA Times story says

Medi-Cal eligibility is also being extended to adults in the U.S. illegally through the age of 25. Under that effort, which was championed by Newsom, immigration status won’t be considered for any child or young adult — an expansion of the program that puts California ahead of other states. Democratic lawmakers had wanted to provide access to anyone who meets financial eligibility requirements but lacks legal residency, but Newsom balked over the price tag. Expect those discussions to resume in next year’s state budget talks.

Now, $36 billion for Medi-Cal and it’s expansion comes from California. $64 billion comes from the federal government. Might we see Los Federales reduce their outlay, since some of that money is going to illegal aliens? We’ll probably know within a few weeks.

Another question about this is whether illegal aliens will be penalized for not having appropriate health insurance. Because there is now a health insurance mandate with specific monetary penalties per this budget. While also expanding those who are covered by Medi-Cal.

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