House Democrats Have Reportedly Agreed To Vote On Supplemental Border Bill

Democrats have been in an uproar about all the illegal aliens being held in detention centers – what Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez calls “concentrations camps”, for which she says she will never apologize despite being taken to task by Jewish and Holocaust remembrance groups – in a way they never did while Obama was president and doing the same thing. They’ve also voted down previous attempts to provide funding to deal with this overload of illegals. Of course, what they really want is for the illegals to simply be released into the nation, knowing that the majority, or at least a goodly chunk, will never show up for their hearings, and then Dems will call for them to be legalized in a couple years


House Democrats have agreed to bring President Donald Trump’s border supplemental request to the floor for a vote, according to a press release from Republican Texas Rep. Chip Roy Wednesday.

Trump requested an emergency $4.5 billion border supplemental in May, which aims to help the humanitarian crisis at the border. The money would be used to provide more space for minors, develop short-term processing for asylum seekers, keep the National Guard at the border and more. It would not be used to further building the border wall.

“From conversations I had today with Democratic House leadership and appropriators, I understand that earnest negotiations are underway to bring President Donald Trump’s border supplemental request to the floor for a vote,” Roy said according to a press release. “I’m told that vote could happen within a week.”

This border bill is an “important first step” in addressing the crisis at the border, according to Roy. He spoke about his efforts to “get House Democrats to do the bare minimum to address the humanitarian crisis on our southern border,” according to the release.

The supplemental has been hanging around for a month, and is simply for humanitarian aid, something Democrats say they are for. But, Democrats would rather have the ability to caterwaul about the “concentration camps” than fix the issue. They do not really care about people, except how they can take advantage of them for politics.

I expect that if they do bring it up for a vote in the House, they will either vote against it, or add all sorts of riders and amendments which would cause Republicans in the House to vote against, then vote against it in the Senate. My money is on attaching an amendment that provides the so-called Dreamers with a quick path to citizenship.

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One Response to “House Democrats Have Reportedly Agreed To Vote On Supplemental Border Bill”

  1. Dana says:

    We should build all new camps, rectangular in shape, with three walls and one side completely open. That open side should be right on the border with Mexico, so anyone could leave whenever he wished, but it would be leaving back into Mexico.

    I’d bet the camps would stay full.

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