‘Climate Change’ Could Maybe Possibly Threaten World Peace In 10 Years

It’d be a real shame if a tiny increase in CO2 and the world’s temperature would threaten these thousands of years of world peace. But, hey, we can forestall this with a tax!

Climate change seen posing threat to global peace in next 10 years

Climate change poses a threat to peace in countries around the world in the coming decade, according to an annual peace index released on Wednesday that factored in the risk from global warming for the first time.

Nearly a billion people live in areas at high risk from global warming and about 40% of them are in countries already struggling with conflict, said the Australia-based Institute for Economics and Peace (IEP).

Climate change causes conflict due to competition over diminishing resources and may also threaten livelihoods and force mass migration, it said.

“Going forward, climate change is going to be a substantial problem,” Steve Killelea, executive chairman of the IEP, told the Thomson Reuters Foundation.

This is not news, this is Reuters publishing prognostication

In 2019, the world became very slightly more peaceful for the first time in five years, said the IEP, which used data from groups including think tanks, research institutes, governments and universities to compile the index.

However, it remains significantly less peaceful than 10 years ago due to factors including conflicts in the Middle East, a rise in terrorism, and increasing numbers of refugees.

It’s interesting that pretty much the majority of that revolves around the Religion of Peace, eh? Thank goodness the screed doesn’t mention tipping points

The effects of climate change can create a “tipping point”, exacerbating tensions until a breaking point is reached, particularly in countries that are already struggling, said Killelea.

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3 Responses to “‘Climate Change’ Could Maybe Possibly Threaten World Peace In 10 Years”

  1. formwiz says:

    Being upside down all the time makes them that way.

  2. Professor Hale says:

    During the Obama administration, the national security strategy said this same thing. The Army adapted by claiming everything they wanted to buy had a climate change component to it.

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