DNC Chair Says A Debate About ‘Climate Change’ Is Not Practical

In an Iowa poll of caucus-goers, we find that

(CNN) Majorities of likely Iowa Democratic caucus participants say any candidate who hopes to win their support must favor a woman’s right to abortion, recognize climate change as humanity’s greatest threat, and support restoration of a ban on assault-style weapons, according to a new CNN/Des Moines Register/Mediacom poll. (snip)

Support for abortion rights is tops, with about 8 in 10 calling it a must have regardless of how they plan to participate. Recognition of climate change as the greatest threat to humanity stands narrowly behind, a must-have for about three-quarters. Fewer (about 6 in 10) say it’s a must have to support restoring the ban on assault-style weapons.

So, 75% want ‘climate change’ stuff, and you can bet this is similar in other states among those who are the most ferverant moonbat primary voters. But

DNC chair says 2020 climate change debate is ‘not practical’ after being confronted by activists

Democratic National Committee (DNC) chair Tom Perez on Saturday said a presidential debate focused solely on climate change was not “practical” after a group of activists confronted him about the issue.

“It’s just not practical,” Perez told the activists after delivering remarks at the Florida Democratic Party’s Leadership Blue gala, according to The Tampa Bay Times. “And as someone who worked for Barack Obama, the most remarkable thing about him was his tenacity to multitask, and a president must be able to multitask.”

The DNC last week informed Democratic presidential hopeful and Washington Gov. Jay Inslee (D) that it would not host a debate focused entirely on climate change, which has emerged as a hot-button issue among candidates and voters. (snip)

When asked about the rejection after speaking at the Florida Democratic party’s largest fundraiser, Perez stressed that each debate will cover a wide range of issues, The Times noted. He added that “once you have one single issue debate, then every debate leads to become a single issue debate in order to address the concerns.”

“A lot of young people say we should have a single debate focused on climate change,” Perez said. “I’ve heard from folks very concerned about the trigger finger guy known as (National Security adviser John) Bolton, who is going to bring us to war in Iran, who say while foreign policy might be number 12 on people’s list, Donald Trump might try to get us into a war in order to win re-election. So what we have said to everybody is that all of these issues are important. Frankly, if we don’t fix our broken politics through democracy reform we’re not going to be able to pass any laws.”

It’s a nice explanation, but, it would still be easy to do, right? Same thing with abortion and firearms. Let the 476 candidates lay out their policies, let them debate. But, the DNC wants nothing to do with single issue debates, especially on these three issues, because they would show the non-moonbat voters, the ones beyond the base, that these people are nuts, that they want your money, and they want to restrict your rights and freedom.

Certainly, on abortion, they want to limit the exposure on just how extreme Democrats are. They want to limit how extreme they are on firearms, and how extreme they are on ‘climate change’.

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4 Responses to “DNC Chair Says A Debate About ‘Climate Change’ Is Not Practical”

  1. Nighthawk says:

    Let them have a debate on these three issues and see how they square saying that climate change and scary looking rifles need to be addressed to save humanity while defending a practice that it’s sole purpose is to end a human life.

  2. Professor Hale says:

    I agree that debates are pointless at this point. As I have often said here. No one is listening to the other side and no one cares what the other side has to say on any of these issues. Further, aren’t all the democrats agreed on climate changes? So what is there for them to debate? As it stands, all 24 candidates are running on a solid, “I’m not Donald Trump” platform.

    Each side believes the other side is generating “fake news” on these issues. Any rational person would ignore both sides and depend only on what his own eyes can tell him.

  3. Harlan says:

    “a presidential debate focused solely on climate change was not “practical””

    Suddenly, it’s getting harder and harder to have a serious discussion about something that’s not real.

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