If All You See…

…is snow from extreme weather, you might just be a Warmist

The blog of the day is Blazing Cat Fur, with a post on how far Obama’s spying went.

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11 Responses to “If All You See…”

  1. Liljeffyatemypuppy says:

    http://ace.mu.nu/archives/God does not choose.jpg


  2. Liljeffyatemypuppy says:

    http://ace.mu.nu/archives/God does not choose.jpg


  3. Elwood P. Dowd says:

    Just more proof there is no god.

  4. gbear says:

    My, she has big hands.

  5. formwiz says:

    Just more proof there is no god.

    But there is, however, a God.

    • Elwood P. Dowd says:

      There is more evidence for global warming than for the existence of any supernatural “being”, hirsute suit.

      • liljeffyatemypuppy says:

        Define “evidence”, little missy. https://www.thepiratescove.us/wp-content/plugins/wp-monalisa/icons/wpml_cool.gif

        • Kye says:

          I told you they think of it as a religion and right away they compare glow ball warming with God. Leftism is a religion. It’s trinity is glow ball warming, abortion and wealth redistribution. It’s savoir is Marx and it has many saints like Alinsy, Occasional-Cotex and
          Obama. They are as devoted to their warped heathenism as a Mohammedan is to their terrorist ideology. That’s why they’re so filled with hate. They are irredeemable and their frustration causes them to lash out. Sad really. They admonish God who tasks us to love and accept a godless existence of discontent, lust, greed and envy. What a horrible way to exist.

      • formwiz says:

        Theory says matter nor energy cannot be created not destroyed.

        So who created it? How is it The Son of God rose from the dead (and we know the Romans never had to crucify anybody twice)?

        We have evidence of the existence of God.

        We all know your stuff is all fraud.

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