NY Times Suspends All Political Cartoons In International Edition Over Internal Jew Hatred

Remember this from just a few days ago?

It says quite a bit about the people who work for the NY Times international edition and those who submit their work that the cartoonist felt perfectly fine creating a Jew and Israel hating cartoon and submitting it, then making it past editorial review to be published. The Times blamed some low level editor, but, no one has been fired. The cartoonist, who is syndicated, was not told that his work is no longer welcome. But, the Times sorta kinda apologized, and then


(Breitbart) The New York Times has suspended the publication of all future syndicated political cartoons in its international print edition, the newspaper’s spokeswoman Eileen Murphy confirmed late Monday.

The Daily Beast’s Lloyd Grove spoke with Murphy in the wake of the newspaper’s publication of a second controversial cartoon that drew critical condemnation from the Jewish community–after a first cartoon, which the paper now admits was antisemitic, was retracted and then subsequently apologized for over the weekend.

The newspaper is in a full internal crisis on this matter, as executives and editors have launched a full-scale internal investigation into what happened, who is responsible, and what procedural and structural changes need to take place so the Times does not publish more antisemitic content.

The first cartoon was published Thursday. The second cartoon was actually published Saturday, right before the Times was forced to finally offer an apology after waffling for a few days. The blamed the publication of the 1st on “a faulty process” with “a single editor working without adequate oversight….” Again, what kind of company has employees/contractors who feel fine submitting these cartoons, and feel fine publishing them? The anti-Israel beliefs of those on the political left morph into Jew hatred, as we’ve seen on college campuses, and is being mainstreamed just like in 1930’s (and other periods) Europe.

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3 Responses to “NY Times Suspends All Political Cartoons In International Edition Over Internal Jew Hatred”

  1. Professor Hale says:

    I’m not seeing it. We have all seen similar cartoon about Trump being on Putin’s leash. About various Britain’s PMs being on American leashes. There is nothing anti-semitic or even mean about using this same cartoon to link Trump and Netanyahu. The mere use of the star of David doesn’t make it anti-semitic.

    • Dana says:

      Perhaps you aren’t seeing it, but enough people did, including the editors of the Times, that they believed that action needed to be taken.

      Remember, there is a significant Jewish population in New York City, and a lot of them subscribe to the Times. The last thing the paper needs to do is piss off a good chunk of their subscriber base.

      • Professor Hale says:

        It is very common today for people to play the offended card and to create causes as needed. If this is what passes for anti-semitism in the USA then we can check that block off.

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