Your Big Carbon Footprint Is To Blame For April Snow In Chicago

In case you missed it, Chicago, and the upper mid-west, has had a bit of a problem with snow this April

Chicago Shatters Record for Spring Snowfall

It’s not a record that the city of Chicago necessarily wanted to set, but history was made on Saturday as the area was hammered with a record snowfall.

According to the National Weather Service, O’Hare International Airport, the official reporting station for the city, received 2.5 inches of snow on Saturday, setting an all-time record for snowfall this late in the spring. The snow broke a record that was set all the way back in 1910, when Chicago received 2 inches of snow on April 26.

The snowstorm wasn’t limited to just Chicago, either. Numerous areas west of the city reported receiving over 5 inches of snow, and hazardous travel conditions continued into Sunday as slippery roads and icy surfaces were reported across the region.

Some springs can be cold and snowy. Nothing unusual. So, of course

What caused all that snow back in 1910 when CO2 was in the safe threshold under 350ppm?

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5 Responses to “Your Big Carbon Footprint Is To Blame For April Snow In Chicago”

  1. Yes, it broke the OLD record for snow in April. Meaning it has snowed in April before, morons. It has even snowed on Derby Day in May in Kentucky.

  2. Kye says:

    But back then it was probably blamed on Global Cooling by the “experts” who were predicting a new ice age by 1935. Once again the Crazies conclude the end of life as we know it by an unusual weather event. What gullible people.

  3. Richard C Youghn says:

    Opppps! Sorry. Next time I’ll use nitrogen.

  4. Fred Benson says:

    It’s time to stop confusing, extreme weather conditions with climate change.
    Is climate changing? Has it not been always changing since the beginning? Been on this planet 60 years, every one has been different. Happy Monday

  5. Dennis says:

    Really hope there isn’t a repeat of the 1947 MEMORIAL DAY Blizzard thru the central states.

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