NY Times Seems Pretty Upset That White People Are Buying Homes In Black Neighborhoods

Can you imagine them complaining about black people buying homes in white neighborhoods? Further, it is funny that they and their progressive SJW allies think that blacks cause deflated home prices

The Neighborhood Is Mostly Black. The Home Buyers Are Mostly White.

In the African-American neighborhoods near downtown Raleigh, the playfully painted doors signal what’s coming. Colored in crimson, in coral, in seafoam, the doors accent newly renovated craftsman cottages and boxy modern homes that have replaced vacant lots.

To longtime residents, the doors mean higher home prices ahead, more investors knocking, more white neighbors.

Here, and in the center of cities across the United States, a kind of demographic change most often associated with gentrifying parts of New York and Washington has been accelerating. White residents are increasingly moving into nonwhite neighborhoods, largely African-American ones.

It should be noted that that many of the areas being “gentrified”, which is racist language for white people moving in, the area itself was originally dominated by white people. At some point, blacks or Latinos moved in and took the neighborhood over. This has played out many times in Raleigh.

In America, racial diversity has much more often come to white neighborhoods. Between 1980 and 2000, more than 98 percent of census tracts that grew more diverse did so in that way, as Hispanic, Asian-American and African-American families settled in neighborhoods that were once predominantly white.


But since 2000, according to an analysis of demographic and housing data, the arrival of white residents is now changing nonwhite communities in cities of all sizes, affecting about one in six predominantly African-American census tracts. The pattern, though still modest in scope, is playing out with remarkable consistency across the country — in ways that jolt the mortgage market, the architecture, the value of land itself.

That’s pretty racist, wanting to exclude white people from certain areas, as well as saying that blacks and latinos keep property prices down.

In city after city, a map of racial change shows predominantly minority neighborhoods near downtown growing whiter, while suburban neighborhoods that were once largely white are experiencing an increased share of black, Hispanic and Asian-American residents.

Again, we’re witnessing this here in Raleigh, it’s been going on for most of this century. All sorts of downtown areas are being renovated and upgraded. Homes, shops, restaurants. You’re seeing a lot of the 35 and younger crowd wanting to live in the crowded urban areas. Likewise, many blacks are moving out of those central areas to outside the beltline (I-440) and even beyond, getting away from the areas of despair created by Democratic plantation policies.

In neighborhoods like South Park (almost no one refers to it as such, it’s just Southeast Raleigh), white residents are changing not only the racial mix of the community; they are also altering the economics of the real estate beneath everyone.

“That’s what finally came to me — it’s not just the fact that the neighborhoods look different, that people behave differently,” said Kia E. Baker, who grew up in southeast Raleigh and now directs a nonprofit, Southeast Raleigh Promise, that serves the community.

Some of that change can be positive, she said. This realization was not: “Our black bodies literally have less economic value than the body of a white person,” she said. “As soon as a white body moves into the same space that I occupied, all of a sudden this place is more valuable.”

See, it’s raaaaacist that white people move in. You know what has also happened? A reduction in violent crimes in SE Raleigh.

But, you know what’s also happening? Many of the neighborhoods near several colleges within the 440 beltline (NC State and Meredith College, more specifically) are seeing lots of rejuvenation to their west in what were college kids housing areas. Why? Easy access to the interstates.

But, you know, white people bad. The article complains a lot about it.

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