Adam “Ample Evidence” Schiff Not So Sure About Impeachment

Excitable Adam Schiff (D-Ca) has been one of the leading unhinged in making the claim that there is tons and tons of evidence. He’s just refused to show it after well over two years of caterwauling. He even made the claim again

Schiff: ‘Ample evidence of collusion in plain sight’

Responding to attacks by White House counselor Kellyanne Conway, Rep. Adam Schiff on Sunday insisted his criticism of the Trump administration was not wrong, saying there was “ample evidence of collusion in plain sight.”

“I use that word very carefully,” the California Democrat said on ABC’s “This Week,” “because I also distinguish time and time again between collusion, that is acts of corruption that may or may not be criminal, and proof of a criminal conspiracy. And that is a distinction that Bob Mueller made within the first few pages of his report. In fact, every act that I’ve pointed to as evidence of collusion has now been borne out by the report.“ (snip)

Schiff insisted that his reading of the situation was not wrong.

“The obstruction of justice in particular in this case is far worse than anything that Richard Nixon did,” Schiff told Raddatz, adding: “I would say in every way this is more significant than Watergate.

“And the fact that a candidate for president and now president of the United States would not only not stand up and resist Russian interference in our election but would welcome it goes well beyond anything Nixon did.“


(Salon) Schiff also appeared on “Fox News Sunday” to say that he wasn’t sure if he would support impeaching Trump, according to Fox News. Although he did not rule out supporting impeachment hearings, Schiff admitted that it is a “very difficult decision” and that he would need “the next couple of weeks” to make his choice.

Seriously, if the evidence is ample and in plain sight, then why not give impeachment a try? Why is Schiff backing off? He had been telling us that this is The Worst, yet, he doesn’t seem inclined to show us any evidence, even as he claims that what Trump did was far worse than Nixon.

Go on, Adam, sign on to impeachment. Give it a shot. You won’t like the outcome, which is why he’s waffling. He throws red meat (I hope it’s carbon neutral) to the unhinged Democrat base and talks a lot, but it is all sound and no fury.

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35 Responses to “Adam “Ample Evidence” Schiff Not So Sure About Impeachment”

  1. dachs_dude says:

    It’s to keep the base enraged. Impeachment for what? Not being a nice man? Not being Hillary?

    Honestly, with record amounts of employment in all sectors including blacks and Latinos, and more job openings than people to fill them, the greedy, envious, jealous democrats have nothing. They’re angry at those who manage to set their alarm clocks and go to work daily. They’re angry that there a those who do their jobs well enough to keep them and get promotions, bonuses, etc. They’re angry that these people don’t particularly want to support those who refuse to work.

    In short, the Democrats have nothing but failed socialist policies that have proved to fail in the USA for the past 50 years and are doubling down on the insults and hate.

    Time to grow up Democrats and realize the real enemy isn’t Capitalism it’s Socialism.
    Time to grow up Democrats and realize the real enemy isn’t Christianity but Radical Islam.
    Time to grow up Democrats and realize the real enemy isn’t White Males but those who would seek to tear the family unit apart.
    Time to grow up Democrats and realize the real enemy isn’t guns but mental illness.

    Nah, they’ll just promise “free” stuff to their dumb, greedy, jealous base, while pretend that THEY are the smart ones who hurl insults at their opponents instead of factual reasons to support their (failing) policies.

    It’s not working, and the Trump Admin is proving that Democratic Policies don’t work. It’s driving them mad with rage.

  2. Liljeffyatemypuppy says:

    Wonder what Schiff-for-brains has to say about Obama allowing the Russians to interfere during his administration.
    That’s in the Mueller report also.

    • Liljeffyatemypuppy says:

      Partners in slime.

    • dachs_dude says:

      Schiff-for-brains and the rest of the Dems were so certain that Hillary would win, that this wouldn’t be an issue. Neither would there be an issue of a sitting President using the CIA and FBI to spy on a candidate from the opposing party’s political campaign. They just figured they’d win, and it would all “disappear” and that all of Trump’s claims of “spying” would by sour-grapes by the loser.

  3. Elwood P. Dowd says:

    The Mueller Report (and previous reporting confirmed by the Mueller Report) disclosed proof that the members of the Trump Campaign cooperated with and encouraged the Russians to interfere with the election. The Report concluded that it would be impossible to prove in court, and anyway, that a US President, even one as lame as Trump, cannot be indicted while in office. So yes, lots of evidence.

    The evidence for obstruction was even more plentiful. But as you may remember, the OLC rules say a sitting US President cannot be indicted.

    Impeachment is a political process and it’s unlikely that even amoral slime like Trump would be convicted by the amoral slime GOPhers in the US Senate.

    The investigations of Trump’s crimes continue in the SDNY, though. Trump, of course, is fighting tooth and nail to hide any and all evidence, e.g., bank records, tax returns…

    • dachs_dude says:

      So no actual collusion with enough evidence to prosecute, huh? That’s pretty lame.

      Either way, the Demo Clown car is filled with 20 losers who will be trounced in the net election by the winners in this economy, (mostly everyone except the bitter, lazy, SJWs who believe work is beneath them).

      When Trump DOES win in 2020, with the popular vote as well, what tinkering with the Electoral College will fix that?

      Face it. Progressivism doesn’t work, concentrates great wealth at the top, while institutionalizing poverty across a broad range of the population and creates a culture of dependence that is completely opposite of what America and our system is about.

      Democrats aren’t going to win with: Infanticide, socialism, high taxes on fuels, gun seizures, elimination of private health care. It won’t fly. No matter what “name calling” you engage in.

      Most Americans are smart enough to see through it. Except, of course, the average “D” voter, who, by design, is kept “ignorant and uninformed” according to DNC’s John Podesda.

      Good Luck in 2020.

      Maybe blame China this time.

    • formwiz says:

      It did? Where, exactly, did it do so? And, if it was impossible to prove in court, then, legally, he did nothing wrong.

      a US President, even one as lame as Trump, cannot be indicted while in office

      The word impeachment ring a bell? Oh, that’s right; Pelosi and the gang haven’t got enough to make an impeachment stick with the American people.

      As I’ve noted earlier, OLC rules are a tad fuzzy and just that. Rules, not law. When you can find a law, phone home; otherwise, hang up and check into the nearest clinic.

      amoral slime

      Kids, if you ever doubt we’re winning, just remember Jeffery is foaming at the mouth.

      PS Last I looked, SDNY has yet to convict Michael Cohen of anything, so I wouldn’t be holding my breath over Trump. Today’s prosecutors use fear, not evidence, and, without fear, they’ve got nothing.

    • Mangoldielocks says:



      He is most definitely a paid agitator using a fake name in America and most likely posting from Moscow.

      • Elwood P. Dowd says:


        Dang it, you got us again. You Americans are just too smart for us (sarc). Now we’ll have to set up operations elsewhere. HaHa.

        We are GRU, just outside Moscow, technically. What you didn’t figure out was that our cyber/ hacker arm is Fancy Bear. See the connection? – Comrade Bill Bear is part of Fancy Bear. We were just messing with you.

        The Trump Campaign cooperated with us. Most of what we accomplished together will never be known, thanks largely to Comrade Manafort’s strength and your American laws that limit investigations. Manafort supplied us with the state by state individual data that allowed us to target potential Clinton supporters with negative stories. One person the DOJ will never investigate is Comrade Comey. Working together we were able to “persuade” him to hide the Trump investigations but announce the reopened Clinton investigation just before the election. And your media were willing accomplices! Free coverage for Trump, and negative Clinton stories that we planted. Clinton having degenerative brain disease – that was us!!

        • formwiz says:

          The bunny suit’s attempt at (I use the term loosely) wit, not to mention sarcasm, comes closer than his trollmasters would like.

          Not because of Russian collusion with Trump, we now have Podesta’s email plotting to “Slaughter Trump” by linking him to Putin and Russia, but because of the Russkies’ very successful plan to sow discord among the weak-minded in this country 50 years ago.

          With Jeffery, they clearly succeeded beyond their wildest dreams.

          • Elwood P. Dowd says:

            The bare suit (aka “Doctor” Dutch) typed some blah, blah, blah… but who cares.

  4. Elwood P. Dowd says:


    You’re funny!

    There won’t be a 2020 election, you silly goose. Papa Don will declare a national emergency, martial law and make himself Dear Leader for Life, with Baby Don to follow. They’ll continue looting America for their friends and family.

    He’ll rely on his brownshirt militias to maintain “control”.

    Papa Don will be able to formalize his relationship with Russia, North Korea and China.

    • formwiz says:

      Brownshirt militias?

      Gee, that sounds like Antifa.

      And Jeffery is trying to recycle what some of the more hysterical on the Right said Zippy would do.

      Damn, they’re really out of ideas on the Left.

    • Mangoldielocks says:

      TINFOIL ALERT!! Jeffy continues to spout insane rhetoric.

      However I agree we need about 20 years of Trump. By that time the left, Hollywood and the MSM will all be in insane asylums and then we can return to your normal broadcasting.

      • Elwood P. Dowd says:

        Mangy continues to confuse tin and aluminum.

        When Papa Don dies we’ll have a new national holiday – America Reborn Day!

  5. Liljeffyatemypuppy says:

    “statutes that do not expressly apply to the President must be construed as not applying to the President if such application would involve a possible conflict with the President’s constitutional prerogatives.”

    Under OLC’s reasoning, the clear statement rule should apply to the federal obstruction statute. If that conclusion is correct, then Volume II of the report was unnecessary: There is no reason to detail whether the president violated a federal law, if the federal law does not apply to the president.

  6. Jl says:

    If a president were for Russia, he’d be doing these things, among others-limiting fracking, blocking oil and gas pipelines, opening negotiations for nuclear arms reductions, cutting military spending and trying to reduce tensions with Russia’s ally, Iran. Trump of course is doing the opposite of all those things. Only liberals with limited intelligence would think Trump would be aligned with Russia

  7. Mangoldielocks says:

    SCHIFF claims he has evidence. He is in contempt and should be jailed until he turns over said evidence.

    He should go to jail. Adam Schiff should go to jail for obstructing justice. He has evidence he refuses to turn over.

    Adam Schiff should go to jail.

    • Elwood P. Dowd says:

      Con Men are always looking for ways to use the power of the state to punish their opponents.

      Representative Schiff was talking about all the evidence in plain sight. Papa Don should be held in contempt and in jail for withholding evidence.

      • Kye says:

        If there is “evidence” of a crime in plain sight where and what is it and why have not the legal authorities done anything about it? I’m sick and tired of leftist idiots like Shift throwing crap out and walking away. If you got something use it if not then STFU. Has every single Democrat in America lost their mind?

        • Elwood P. Dowd says:


          Congressman Schiff said there is evidence of collusion, which is true. As Trump points out (and it’s why he talks about collusion) collusion is NOT A CRIME. Of course, the trump campaign cooperated with the Russians.

          I’m sick and tired of rightist idiots throwing crap out and walking away. Has ever single tRumpublican in America lost their mind?

          • formwiz says:

            Just because Schiff for Brains says it doesn’t make it true.

            And I’d love to see this Trump quote about collusion. And not just the part you want to show.

            I’m sick and tired of rightist idiots throwing crap out and walking away.

            You mean like Democrats have for 80 years?

            Has ever single tRumpublican in America lost their mind?</i.

            No, but we’re fighting back which seems to be eroding what faint grip you have on sanity.

      • Mangoldielocks says:

        TIN FOIL ALERT!!

        THERE IS EVIDENCE. OH its in PLAIN SIGHT!! How silly of us. FACE PALM! ITS right there. The voices in his head tells us to listen. SHHHH! Listen!! CAN”T YOU SEE!!

        Look right there! Its so obvious. He once met a Russian while trying to build a hotel in Moscow. SEE thats proof.

        I mean come on….Wait the voices are speaking again. OVER THERE…..MORE EVIDENCE!!!! PAPA SOROS told me Trump once went to RUSSIA. By god cant you see it! ITS IN PLAIN SIGHT. HE KNOWS HOW TO SPELL RUSSIA.

        LISTEN TO THE VOICES…..TRUMP can point out RUSSIA ON THE MAP!! PAPA SOROS insists. The voices….the voices…its the voices. They wont let us believe Americans like Trump. He must be a Russian.

        SHH…cant you hear that??? That sound….ITS THE RUSSIANS THROWING NEGATIVE WAVES ALL ACROSS AMERICA trying to DOOM US ALL!!!!

        Were DOOMED. The voices tell me it’s so!!!

        • Elwood P. Dowd says:




  8. formwiz says:

    Con Men are always looking for ways to use the power of the state to punish their opponents.

    You mean like the Mocha Messiah?

    And liljeffy linked to a piece that reminds us all Schiff for Brains is now backing away from said evidence in plain sight, Schiff largely refused to discuss the dossier, a remarkable shift for the Democrat, who endorsed Steele’s unverified allegations about Trump associates during a public House Intelligence Committee hearing just over two years ago.

    So much for Jeffery’s “evidence”, and Presidents do have Executive Privilege, as recognized by law.

    • Liljeffyatemypuppy says:

      Notably Trump did not use the executive privilege prerogative a la Loose Shoes during Holder’s Contempt of Congress charges.
      The President fully cooperated with Mueller.

    • Elwood P. Dowd says:

      Dr. Dutcher and Lil revert to their racist core. “That lazy n*gger Obama was worse!” they cry.

      All Con Men have is hate.

  9. Elwood P. Dowd says:

    Dr. Paul Krugman explains it all:

    “So all the “fake news” was true. A hostile foreign power intervened in the presidential election, hoping to install Donald Trump in the White House. The Trump campaign was aware of this intervention and welcomed it. And once in power, Trump tried to block any inquiry into what happened.

    Never mind attempts to spin this story as somehow not meeting some definitions of collusion or obstruction of justice. The fact is that the occupant of the White House betrayed his country. And the question everyone is asking is, what will Democrats do about it.

    But notice that the question is only about Democrats. Everyone (correctly) takes it as a given that Republicans will do nothing. Why? Because the modern G.O.P. is perfectly willing to sell out America if that’s what it takes to get tax cuts for the wealthy.”

    Rudy “Roy Cohn” Giuli-annie said that the “president” fully cooperated with Mueller. LOL. tRump refused to talk to Mr. Mueller – not to mention the ten examples of obstruction revealed in the report. Any non-president would have been indicted for obstruction of justice. If tRump doesn’t cut a deal he’ll likely be prosecuted after the 2020 election. He’s gonna need a better lawyer.

    The GOP fiddles as America burns.

    • Mangoldielocks says:


      DR. Krugman is an idiot who is so partisan and usually WRONG. I remember him saying that Trump was going to destroy the economy after he was elected.

      The left said on Election night 2016. Trump had NO IDEA how to bring jobs back. HE had NO IDEA how to defeat ISIS. He was going to round up all Muslims and Illegals and throw them from the country.

      The left said Trump was a racist and IT WAS A CRIME THAT HE SPIKED THE WHITE VOTE while ignoring 95 percent of BLACKS VOTED FOR HRC. or nearly 70 percent Hispanics voted for HRC or that 88 percent of MUSLIMS voted for HRC. IS THAT NOT SPIKING THE VOTE>


      Remember that when you vote in 2020. Try to pay attention folks. A vote for a democrat is a vote for Paul Krugman who never gets anything right and is smack dab in the middle of continuing the CONSPIRACY RUSSIA GATE in which 10’s of thousands of hours were spent only to say NOPE…Didnt happen.

      Elizabeth warren should be impeached for lying and pretending to be and Indian.

      Corey Booker should be impeached for groping a man in a bathroom

      Keith Ellison should be impeached for beating his GIRLFRIEND senseless.

      By the time its done 100’s of Hollywood celebrities might be facing jail time.


      • Elwood P. Dowd says:

        Tin foil alert! Mangoldielocks is typing in ALL CAPS again! He means it!!

        And in this case, Professor Krugman is correct.

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