If All You See…

…is wall meant to keep the rising seas out, you might just be a Warmist

The blog of the day is MOTUS A.D., with a post on feminists being anything they want.

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3 Responses to “If All You See…”

  1. Something seems off here… I’m going to have to see the birth certificate.

  2. Elwood P. Dowd says:

    The increasingly deranged Trump was attacking another dead person today: Barbara Bush. First, John McCain, now Mrs. Bush.

    He was worried earlier about the “oranges” of the Mueller investigation and claimed his father, who was born in 1905 in da Bronx, was born in Germany.

    He only has one more day to shut down the border as he promised.

  3. MrDeLaGarzenzo says:

    As is always my intentions I wish to disseminate truth and facts without taking over or hijacking a thread. Hence why I have posted this brief snippet in this section.

    The following is worth the read. This is not my opinion. This is grounded in fact and based upon decades of research by not only myself but 100’s of my colleagues around the globe who study such things.

    The Secretary General of NATO addressed congress most recently and it was likely to the angst of the left and delight of the right that the net result of the address was not akin to Orange Man Bad but rather the realization of the Nato Alliance that a movement is sweeping Europe in which nationalism and self pride is rising to all time levels.

    In this regard, President Trump’s biggest concerns when taking office was the sore lack of funding and accountability taken by the member nations of NATO. As a result of his hard line approach Nato has committed themselves to 51 billion in additional funding this year and by the end of next year that sum will increase to 100 billion dollars.

    The reasons are legion but the reality is factual. China is emerging as a military powerhouse. Many who oppose large militaries like to point out that China still far and away under spends the United States and while this is true one needs to remember that China undervalues their currency in order to get more bang for their buck. In real terms the Chinese military is nearing competitive terms with the United States and along with Russia has been working on ways to kill the USA’s main projection of strength around the globe. The Aircraft Carrier.

    The second reason beyond China is the continual threat of a destabilizing Russia who has hit by far more sanctions than any president since the cold war ended. These sanctions have had a drastic effect on the Russian economy along with the fact the price of oil has plummeted since its highs of over 100.00 dollars per barrel. With a destabilizing Russia it is likely that Putin will set his sites on the invasion of another country and if he senses weakness and division within Nato might very well target on of the weaker Nato allies daring them to act, which is why he revealed his newest missile recently. A defense to which there is none at this time

    Lastly the strength of Nato is in contrast to the ever weakening positions of the current globalist ideology which caused the formation of the EU initially. A global powerhouse whose combined weight was to be every bit as consequential as The United States, Russia and China. However somewhere along the way the leaders lost their way and slowly they are beginning to face the consequences of their actions despite their desperate attempts at retaining power. The events sweeping Europe have been a wake up call for the globalist aspirations of the European Union as nationalism continues to swell in the face of ever increasing immigration forced upon the individual nations by France and Germany.

    An important side note is the lack of coverage by the Main Stream Media in the United States of the Yellow Vest uprisings all across the continent and the constant victories in local elections by the nationalist right all across Europe will catch the they typical United States citizen in America by surprise when one day they awake from their slumber and realize that Europe is no longer the Europe it was under the old guard European Union.

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