Surprise: Solving ‘Climate Change’ Requires Ending Capitalism

If you look back five, six, even ten years, Warmists called me a conspiracy monger for suggesting that the whole anthropogenic global warming/climate change movement was really political, and included ending capitalism. Pushing far left dogma, including economic change. Heck, even some Skeptics thought I was nuts. Yet, I kept highlighting the stories, and over the last year this has grown more and more in the way that Warmists are telling us what they really believe and who they really are

Ending climate change requires the end of capitalism. Have we got the stomach for it?

Climate change activism is increasingly the domain of the young, such as 16-year-old Greta Thunberg, the unlikely face of the school strike for climate movement, which has seen many thousands of children walk out of school to demand that their parents’ generation takes responsibility for leaving them a planet to live on. In comparison, the existing political establishment looks more and more like an impediment to change. The consequences of global warming have moved from the merely theoretical and predicted to observable reality over the past few years, but this has not been matched by an uptick in urgency. The need to keep the wheels of capitalism well-oiled takes precedence even against a backdrop of fires, floods and hurricanes.

Today’s children, as they become more politically aware, will be much more radical than their parents, simply because there will be no other choice for them. This emergent radicalism is already taking people by surprise. The Green New Deal (GND), a term presently most associated with 29-year-old US representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, has provoked a wildly unhinged backlash from the “pro free market” wing, who argue that it’s a Trojan horse, nothing more than an attempt to piggyback Marxism onto the back of climate legislation.

Did Phil McDuff read his own headline? Or read the own words he wrote?

The criticism feels ridiculous. Partly because the GND is far from truly radical and already represents a compromise solution, but mainly because the radical economics isn’t a hidden clause, but a headline feature. Climate change is the result of our current economic and industrial system. GND-style proposals marry sweeping environmental policy changes with broader socialist reforms because the level of disruption required to keep us at a temperature anywhere below “absolutely catastrophic” is fundamentally, on a deep structural level, incompatible with the status quo.

We will simply have to throw the kitchen sink at this. Policy tweaks such as a carbon tax won’t do it. We need to fundamentally re-evaluate our relationship to ownership, work and capital. The impact of a dramatic reconfiguration of the industrial economy require similarly large changes to the welfare state. Basic incomes, large-scale public works programmes, everything has to be on the table to ensure that the oncoming system shocks do not leave vast swathes of the global population starving and destitute. Perhaps even more fundamentally, we cannot continue to treat the welfare system as a tool for disciplining the supposedly idle underclasses. Our system must be reformed with a more humane view of worklessness, poverty and migration than we have now.

So, really, getting rid of capitalism. Which worked great in the Soviet Union. When will Warmists stop using the capitalist created Internet?

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30 Responses to “Surprise: Solving ‘Climate Change’ Requires Ending Capitalism”

  1. william chandler says:

    I have been heartbroken by the desperate cries of our students begging for help to halt Climate Change before they are killed by it. Then I realized, IF THEY ARE SERIOUS,THEY could take steps NOW.
    Enough with pointless “protests & demonstrations” , here are actual steps the Youth can take right now to meaningfully fight Global Warming.
    REALLY? Start with the schools:
    (1) Drop school room temperatures down to 65 during the winter. yank ALL air conditioners. Recycle the materials
    (2) WALK or bicycle to school. No more buses or rides.
    (3) No more school trips or events involving travel other than walking or bikes.
    (4) No more HOT lunches. ALL food provided MUST be eaten.
    (5) No more energy wasting swimming pools, showers, amenities.
    (6) Simple utilitarian school uniforms. No more resource wasting “fashions”.
    (7) All schools downsized, larger class sizes, NO teachers to reduce carbon footprint. All lectures will be streamed over the interweb, Why keep reinventing the wheel when the subject matter can be covered expertly by ONE central lecturer, questions answered online. tests online, room monitors replace teachers.

    • StillAlive says:

      Excellent description of communism there. However you cant have an internet either it would take up too much carbon to produce the billions of devices needed to use the web and to infrastructure the web.

      Once you take the cell phones away from the kiddies the AGW marches would end in a heart beat and they would be pounding on the doors of justice for their Cell phones and internet back.

    • D3F1ANT says:

      OK Komrade…how would you enforce that? Machine guns? Go buy a book instead of watching Bill Nye and Al Gore.

    • Bob says:

      Great points. If we teach children reality instead of leftist propaganda as they are taught now, maybe we can save America. The worst sin commited by the leftist democRats over the last 30 yrs is the takeover and destruction of our education system. By the time they graduate with a bs degree they will have faced 20plus years of leftist socialist communist indoctrination. Some will resist but most will become snofake drones shilling for leftist democRat idiocy. God help us

  2. Demel says:

    All of these kids (children) need to understand “If you do not work, you do not eat.” Captain John Smith, Liviticus.

  3. Odysseus says:

    The group’s “Shocked-face” is getting awfully worn out.

  4. Demel says:

    The Stalin era in Russia and the Mao era in China, even the Nazis in the Third Reich had the answer.

    Kill tens to hundreds to millions of people.

    • DD More says:

      who argue that it’s a Trojan horse, nothing more than an attempt to piggyback Marxism onto the back of climate legislation.

      No, Hitler was not Marxist, but Socialist. It’s in his book

      Libertarian National Socialist Green Party (LNSGP), commonly referred to as Green Nazi America is an American political party founded by Maxwell Samson. The party was founded in 1993 as a result of the growing right-wing movement, which Samson viewed as “environmentally dangerous”. The party’s policies are centered around Adolf Hitler’s national socialist ideology as described in Mein Kampf, cautious environmentalism and libertarian social values.

  5. Dan says:

    Nope not hundreds of millions need to be gone. Billions. Take the population back to 1960, 3 billion, and the “problem” gets a lot simpler. Of course all the carbon put out by those millions of ovens required will produce the same result but who on the left will figure that out?

  6. Mike-SMO says:

    Still, it is an inspirational concept.

    Numb-Nuts in Christchurch, an ex-Communist (Class Violence),an ex-anarchist (Gang Violence) and now an “Enviro-Fascist (Blue Sky Violence) chose to murder several dozen people in a way that he hoped would activate the American socialists/progressives/Democrats to attack and try to dis-arm “normies” thus triggering an ideological/racial Civil War that would fracture the American economic and military power.

    All for “The Cause”.

    The scheme is all crap, but watch your back. They only need a few crazies to really get the blood flowing. Letting others die to open the path to power has always been part of the revolutionary plan. Their economic system can’t work but the gold will have been “exported” and there will always be an aircraft and crew standing by. Tough luck for you.

    • Elwood P. Dowd says:

      Rush also thought it was a false-flag operation.

    • Bill Bear says:

      “Numb-Nuts in Christchurch, an ex-Communist (Class Violence),an ex-anarchist (Gang Violence) and now an “Enviro-Fascist (Blue Sky Violence) chose to murder several dozen people in a way that he hoped would activate the American socialists/progressives/Democrats to attack”

      Mike-SMO is, of course, lying.

      The assailant in Christchurch was a white nationalist, and hoped to inspire other white nationalists to kill non-whites as he had done.

  7. Hoss says:

    The whole thing with environmentalists being watermelons: green on the outside, red on the inside. It really is that simple.

  8. Carson says:

    According to the International Energy Agency (IEA), for the world to limit warming to below 1.75C above pre-industrial conditions, China would have to close all its power plants that don’t have carbon capture and storage facilities within 30 years.

    “Avoiding dangerous climate change requires essentially phasing out coal plants globally by 2045,” said Christine Shearer, lead author of the report. “China needs to begin planning for the aggressive retirement of its existing coal fleet, not building hundreds of new coal plants.”

  9. D3F1ANT says:

    We’ll be a smoking cinder in 12 short years. Just ask Irish Bob O’Rourke or Ocrazio Cortez. I mean…the Democrats have resorted to sheer buffoonery! If the were the Fonz they’d be trading their motorcycle for water skies…is that a FIN!?

    • Elwood P. Dowd says:

      You’re a little confused.

      “We have just 12 years to make massive and unprecedented changes to global energy infrastructure to limit global warming to moderate levels, the United Nation’s climate science body said in a monumental new report released Sunday (Oct 7 2018).”

      See the IPCC report:

      • Bruce Branz says:

        Hi Elwood. You site the UN. You made me laugh so much I almost choked to death on my innards!!!!!! Th UN ! ! ! LOL, etc., ad infinitum ! ! ! ! ! !

        • Elwood P. Dowd says:

          Actually, I “cited” the UN.

          I apologize for you almost choking. I’ll try harder next time.

          Do you have specific objections to the information supplied by the UN or are you just playing dumb?

          • Nanky52 says:

            Yes, the UN has been the leader in NWO/OWG of which they would be the one world government. They have been trying to control the industrial complex for years since Maurice Strong author of the UN Kyoto agreement started the whole climate change/global warming scare. Strong was a Canadian oil billionaire and UN leader. In late 90’s he joined forces with George Soros who enlisted Al Gore. Meanwhile Obama and Ayers were busy in Chicago in early 2000’s forming the Chicago Climate Exchange, a company that traded carbon credits on the stock exchange. It is SHAM science, created to indoctrinate and has become a religion to all the useful idiots that have been scared into believing the world is coming to an end. You figure out the rest, it realy is quite simple. Fact check Maurice Strong.Oh, a side note, he then spent the last 20 years advising China how to rise in the global economy so we have him to thank for the tariffs executed by chinese, currency manipulation, theft of ihtkectual property etc…

      • formwiz says:

        You disagree with Occasional Cortex and Pancho Vanilla?


  10. Thinker Prime says:

    With the utter irrefutable failure of Marxism to produce the goods economically (e.g. USSR, Mao’s China, Eastern Block, Cuba, N Korea, Venezuela, Zimbabwe and others) it put the people who wanted to seek power and wealth through politics in a difficult position because they could not justify having the right to expropriate the wealth created by others because they would deliver the goods. So Marxism rebranded as Progressivism with the strategy of taking a bunch of areas that had (often damaged) people who were ideologically completely invested in some cause – everything from gay rights, trans rights, radical environmentalism, lesbian feminists who hated men, and others – come up with a Marxist rationale for why that cause was the result of capitalism then use their ardor for their personal neurotic cause to draw them into the rebranded Marxism that is Progressivism. Ayn Rand pointed out the beginnings of this with environmentalism in the 1960s and was spot on. Now the strategy has brought in a small army of single issue people sucked into this dead-end philosophy.

  11. Zachriel says:

    Surprise: Solving ‘Climate Change’ Requires Ending Capitalism

    In fact, solving the problem of anthropogenic global warming will require harnessing robust markets to furnish the economic growth necessary to develop new technologies and continued prosperity, while providing access to the fruits of industrialization to the developing world.

    william chandler: here are actual steps the Youth can take right now to meaningfully fight Global Warming.

    Individual actions will not be sufficient to solve the problem. Indeed, the actual problem is to allow continued access to modern technology, while minimizing damage to the climate system.

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