Anti-Semite Ilhan Omar Wants Universal Values Applied To All Nations Or Something

There’s zero doubt that Minnesota Representative Ilhan Omar is a Jew and Israel hater. Nor that she has links to the Muslim Brotherhood linked Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), which certainly takes the side of extremist Islam and hates Jews and Israel. She also has other links to extremist Islam. So, of course, the Washington Post gives her a platform to bash America, Israel, and Jews

We must apply our universal values to all nations. Only then will we achieve peace.

Since I began my first term in Congress, I have sought to speak openly and honestly about the scale of the issues our country faces — whether it is ending the crippling burden of student debt, tackling the existential threat of climate change or making sure no one in one of the richest countries in the world dies from lack of health care. As a survivor of war and a refugee, I have also sought to have an honest conversation about U.S. foreign policy, militarism and our role in the world.

This question of how the United States engages in conflict abroad is deeply personal to me. I fled my home country of Somalia when I was 8 years old from a conflict that the United States later engaged in. I spent the next four years in a refugee camp in Kenya, where I experienced and witnessed unspeakable suffering from those who, like me, had lost everything because of war.

Most of that war was caused by extremist members of the Religion of Peace. Funny how she doesn’t become deeply introspective about that. But, hey, she’s here now as a U.S. citizen. This nation was kind enough to take her and her family in, so, she repays the U.S. by going on to bash the country

Valuing human rights also means applying the same standards to our friends and our enemies. We do not have the credibility to support those fighting for human rights in Venezuela, Cuba and Nicaragua if we do not also support those fighting for human rights in Honduras, Guatemala and Brazil. Our criticisms of oppression and regional instability caused by Iran are not legitimate if we do not hold Egypt, the United Arab Emirates and Bahrain to the same standards.

Oh, but, see, that’s really not just about attempting to defend Venezuela, Cuba, Nicaragua, and Iran (which her Hamas linked buddies in CAIR love). Nope. This whole thing, and there were several other paragraphs between those two excerpts, leads to

This vision also applies to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. U.S. support for Israel has a long history. The founding of Israel 70 years ago was built on the Jewish people’s connection to their historical homeland, as well as the urgency of establishing a nation in the wake of the horror of the Holocaust and the centuries of anti-Semitic oppression leading up to it. Many of the founders of Israel were themselves refugees who survived indescribable horrors.

We must acknowledge that this is also the historical homeland of Palestinians. And without a state, the Palestinian people live in a state of permanent refugeehood and displacement. This, too, is a refugee crisis, and they, too, deserve freedom and dignity.

A balanced, inclusive approach to the conflict recognizes the shared desire for security and freedom of both peoples. I support a two-state solution, with internationally recognized borders, which allows for both Israelis and Palestinians to have their own sanctuaries and self-determination. This has been official bipartisan U.S. policy across two decades and has been supported by each of the most recent Israeli and Palestinian leaders, as well as the consensus of the Israeli security establishment. As Jim Mattis, who later was President Trump’s defense secretary, said in 2011 , “The current situation between those two peoples is unsustainable.”

Mattis’ version of the two state solution is different from the Islamist and Leftist versions, which end up with the Jewish state driven into the sea and erased. Ilhan is attempting to soft-pedal her hatred of Israel and Jews here in the same way all the others do.

Working toward peace in the region also means holding everyone involved accountable for actions that undermine the path to peace — because without justice, there can never be a lasting peace. When I criticize certain Israeli government actions in Gaza or settlements in the West Bank, it is because I believe these actions not only threaten the possibility of peace in the region — they also threaten the United States’ own national security interests.

No one is buy that it is just “criticism.” She learned nothing from the Democrats little hate declaration, because it wasn’t aimed at her and anti-Semites. And she is one. We’ve seen this type of fixation on bashing Israel, which is not applied to other nations, which morphs into Jew hatred.

My goal in speaking out at all times has been to encourage both sides to move toward a peaceful two-state solution. We need to reinsert this call back into the public debate with urgency. Both parties must come to the table for a final peace deal; violence will not bring us any closer to that day.

Yet, she never condemns the Palestinians for starting almost all of the violence. For blowing up virtually all attempts at peace. I wonder why?

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13 Responses to “Anti-Semite Ilhan Omar Wants Universal Values Applied To All Nations Or Something”

  1. Elwood P. Dowd says:

    TEACH has Omar/Ocasio Derangement Syndrome (OODS).

  2. Mangoldielocks says:

    The left has OODS as well. If you watch CNN they have been ripping her a new one. So has MSNBC.

    Why do you think that is Mr. Elwood?

    It is because MSNBC and CNN are Corporations who have a vested interest in the corporate mentality of the United States. Despite their constant flirtation with socialism, AOC and the far left goes way beyond socialism and in fact embraces every form of communism there is.

    Now if her Green New Deal attracted zero attention from either side she would be tolerated as just a goof ball but one has to remember a key fact here.

    Every Democratic candidate for President has endorsed the Green New Deal except One. This is a game changer. The Green new deal calls for the abolition of dozens of sectors of the US economy and replaced with Government subsidized jobs.

    It calls for the brainwashing of the populace. A very important aspect of communism control.

    Give us the child for eight years and it will be a Bolshevik forever.
    Vladimir Lenin
    Give me a child for the first 5 years of his life and he will be mine forever.
    Vladimir Lenin
    Give me four years to teach the children and the seed I have sown will never be uprooted.
    Vladimir Lenin

    Why is the left demanding Free education in colleges? They want to indoctrinate the children. why did the progressive Jimmy Carter start the department of Education? Why are unelected bureacrats determining what our children are taught in schools OR their funding will be abolished?

    What AOC and her Green New Deal bring is Communism in every aspect and all its forms. This is why their is an active OODS as you call it. AOC is important. She has fired up the imagination of the far left whacko base who are communist in all their forms and to win the nomination they need to win the base.

    One thing I point to is the AFL-CIO came out directly against the Green New Deal. Labor unions fill Ohio, PA, MI, WI. In fact what are the devastating effects of what is in the green new deal. Eliminating millions of jobs in the Airline industry, Coal industry, Gasoline Industry, Oil Industry, RV industry, Farm and Ranch Industry, Trucking industry.

    Again what she proposes is nothing short of revolution. And what she proposes will win someone the nomination, but in the end even the left itself will do one of a number of things in the general.

    • Mangoldielocks says:

      Again what she proposes is nothing short of revolution. And what she proposes will win someone the nomination, but in the end even the left itself will do one of a number of things in the general.

      None of which are good or benefit the left in the national election.

  3. Liljeffyatemypuppy says:

    For those who wish to keep score.

  4. StillAlive says:

    From the Turd that has become Fox News:

    As I recently wrote for Fox News, “Do you want to confer extraordinary powers upon Donald Trump at a time when he faces extraordinary threats to his ability to stay in the White House?” Once again, the answer is no.

    Now, it is even more important to override Trump’s veto in light of his comments last week, about the use of force at his disposal. He said in an interview with Breitbart “I can tell you I have the support of the police, the support of the military, the support of the Bikers for Trump — I have the tough people, but they don’t play it tough — until they go to a certain point, and then it would be very bad, very bad.”

    The TDS at Fox news led by Shep Smith is insane. I was watching a YouTube video from 3 months ago where Shep Smith was talking to Judas Napolitano who said Trump IS A FELON.

    Why do I call the judge a Judas because the man says whatever hes paid to say. He goes on one fox show and defends trump, goes on another and calls him a felon all within the same week. If you notice he used to be on the air all the time. Now he spends more time at MSNBC and CNN ripping trump than he does at Fox who gave him his start.

    Why is that? Well many actually thought Judas NAP was going to be appointed to the Supreme court or as DOJ Attorney General. When he was skipped over he turned on Trump in a heartbeat.

    Fox news is being taken down the rabbit hole and is now a liberal website under Shep Smith and with the sell off of all the assests and the dismissal of the power brokers at Fox for sexual misconduct Shep Smith is calling the shots and he is batshit left crazy.

    Even ex fox news people claim most of the staff, writers and workers are liberal at fox news now. Their prime shows which still lean right are the top rated 9 of 10 slots on cable news yet with each passing month fox news becomes even more leftist in almost everyway.

    Congrats George Soroa I am sure he helped Fox behind the scenes become the next CNN.

    • Elwood P. Dowd says:

      So George Soros (The Big Jew) is behind CNN and now is sabotaging FOX?

      Is there any conspiracy too outrageous on the right?

      When the NuCons have lost FOX “News”, maybe it’s time for them to rethink their strategy. It’s not that FOX has changed, it’s that the Trump Cult of Personality may have gone too far.

      But relax, you still have the DailyStormer and Rush, but are in danger of losing Breitbart.

      BTW, have any of you noticed more and more blue-helmeted UN forces in rural America???? Be afraid, be very afraid.

      • formwiz says:

        He’s behind Media Matters, so I don’t doubt he’s besties with Commie News Net. And the Murdoch brothers are sabotaging Fox, as Jessica should now.

        And sounds like Der Sturmer (not Daily Stormer, twerp) is hers, what with all the race hate she constantly spews. Not to mention the anti-Semitism (calling Dr Evil a Jew is an insult to Judaism).

        BTW, have any of you noticed more and more blue-helmeted UN forces in rural America????

        No, but I have noticed the Lefties are really into this deplatforming thing.

        If you guys are so smart, and so right, and are winning, and have the future on your side, why are you so afrai of a few independent bloggers?

      • StillAlive says:

        LOLOL Elwood is so predictable. Trash Fox and hes here defending it.

        Reality. Fox sold off all their assets to Disney which is owned by ABC.

        ABC’s relation to George Soros.

        When liberal investor George Soros gave $1.8 million to National Public Radio, it became part of the firestorm of controversy that jeopardized NPR’s federal funding. But that gift only hints at the widespread influence the controversial billionaire has on the mainstream media. Soros, who spent $27 million trying to defeat President Bush in 2004, has ties to more than 30 mainstream news outlets – including The New York Times, Washington Post, the Associated Press, NBC and ABC.

        Those key at ABC are: a 14-person Journalism Advisory Board, stacked with CNN’s David Gergen and representatives from top newspapers, a former publisher of The Wall Street Journal and the editor-in-chief of Simon & Schuster. Several are working journalists, including:

        Christiane Amanpour – Anchor of ABC’s Sunday morning political affairs program,

        Kerry Smith, the senior vice president for editorial quality of ABC News;

        So in answer to your question. Quit defending Soros he is smack dab in the middle of every news outlet in the USA of any consequence.

        Elwood you really should stop trying to debate me. I fact check everything I write in depth with multiple sources.

        What is left of Fox news is Fox news after all the assets have been spun off. Fox In England is a shell of what it was. Sky news is now as left as they come.

        Why the deplatforming of conservatives on YouTube, Twitter and facebook? Because the only thing left for conservatives is social media to get their messages out. If you take that away then you have backed conservatives into a corner and they usual result of that is anyone backed into a corner usually comes out swinging. Not a threat. A fact.

  5. JGlanton says:

    Speaking of AOC, apparently she is an actress who auditioned for the role of “Congresswoman” put on the the Justice Democrats, and she won the part. Well, actually she didn’t audition, her brother sent in an audition tape. Then the JD branded her, ran her “grassroots” campaign and now control what she says.

    The Brains Behind AOC Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

    • StillAlive says:

      The angry man Cenk Unger of the Young Turks actually openly and outwardly was so angry over the 2016 elections mostly at the Democratic party that he began this practice of auditioning people to PRIMARY democratic only districts where no matter which democrat ran they would win. He then audtioned 100’s of people so he could find charismatic, attractive and likeable people such as Barak Obama’s to run for office.

      It is why AOC is indeed attractive and charismatic even though she hasn’t a brain in her head. This is on the GOP. They should be hitting every district the democrats are doing this in and believe me in 2020 their are going to be dozens more primaried in the Democratic party until the communist Unger has a Communist Democratic party.

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