Several Maryland Sheriff’s Say They Won’t Enforce New Gun Control Laws

As Democrats keep attempting to pass as well as passing gun control laws that mostly infringe on the rights of lawful gun owners/potential owners, law enforcement across the nation is saying the won’t comply. Maryland is the latest (via Lid Blog)

Sheriffs Call Maryland’s Proposed Gun Laws ‘Suicide Mission’ For Law Enforcement

Sheriffs from several counties in Maryland appeared before the House of Delegates on Monday to testify against gun control legislation they said violated citizens’ rights.

“The way the bill is written, it is impossible to comply. I can’t send [my deputies] on a suicide mission,” Wicomico County Sheriff Mike Lewis told the Capital Gazette.

Sheriff Lewis said that sending out police to take guns away from law-abiding citizens will likely cause those citizens to shoot at law enforcement officers.

The sheriff said he would not comply with any of the proposed laws that would require his deputies to take guns away from law-abiding citizens, the Capital Gazette reported.

Maryland House Bill 786, proposed by Democratic State Delegate Vanessa Atterbeary, would regulate shotguns and hunting rifles much the same as handguns.

The text of the bill is here.

“We’re gonna let them know that we are sick and tired of being penalized for Baltimore City’s inability to control crime,” Lewis told the room, according to the Salisbury Daily Times. “If these bills pass, we will not comply.”

“Law-abiding citizens are repeatedly being penalized because of Baltimore City’s inability to control their crime,” he said. “And I’m sorry — I’m not someone’s puppet. I’m going to stand up for what I think is unjust and unconstitutional to the American people, including those living in the state in Maryland.”

And that’s exactly the main problem in all this: virtually every law passed is aimed at the law abiding citizens, rather than criminals. In fact, Democrats are attempting to soften the penalties on criminal activity.

Critics said the sheriffs were acting above the law in their refusal to implement the new gun control laws if passed.

But Sheriff Lewis was quick to point out their hypocrisy.

The Capital Gazette said the sheriff likened his decision to ignore certain gun laws to Baltimore State’s Attorney Marilyn Mosby opting not to prosecute marijuana possession cases.

Democrats have been railing against the jail and criminal justice system, trying to change things, giving felons the ability to vote earlier than should be possible, and so many other things. And, typically, the same people trotting out these gun grabbing bills are also protected by armed security, often on the taxpayer dime.

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3 Responses to “Several Maryland Sheriff’s Say They Won’t Enforce New Gun Control Laws”

  1. Liljeffyatemypuppy says:

    LEOs are not stupid.

  2. Bill589 says:

    “When government takes away citizens’ right to bear arms it becomes citizens’ duty to take away government’s right to govern.”

    George Washington

    Will we do our duty like our first generation, or assign all future generations to servitude?

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