San Diego To Sue Trump Admin For Releasing Asylum Seekers To Quickly Or Something

On one hand, you have Democrats who want all asylum seekers released from custody (so they can they disappear into the U.S., then demand citizenship later, which Dems will back). On the other, you have a sorta Trump leaning area, one which backed Trump in support of suing California over its sanctuary state policies, upset over releasing the illegals too quickly

San Diego to sue Trump administration for releasing asylum-seeking families

San Diego County supervisors are reportedly planning to sue the Trump administration over the widespread releases of asylum-seeking families.

The county board voted on the decision during a closed-door meeting on Tuesday, two supervisors confirmed. It was not immediately clear on what grounds the lawsuit would be argued or when it would be filed.

Since late October, the U.S. has been releasing asylum-seeking families so quickly that they don’t even have time to make travel arrangements, merely giving them notices to appear in immigration court.

The families often end up in shelters run by charities and wear thin border town’s resources.

The San-Diego Union Tribune notes

Now, federal policies have changed and asylum seekers are being processed by ICE and then released into communities such as San Diego without any resources, leaving thousands of migrants all but stranded.

The suit aims to reimburse the county for the cost of serving asylum seekers and to compel the federal government to re-implement a “safe release” program, said Dianne Jacob, Chairwoman of the Board of Supervisors.

“We are intent on sending a strong message to the administration that this unacceptable,” Jacob told the Union-Tribune. “It’s wrong that the federal government is dumping on San Diegans not only from a cost standpoint and a humanitarian standpoint, but this is also a federal issue and the feds need to be held accountable and do their job.”

The obvious solution is to not let them in. If they want asylum, let them apply at an official U.S. facility in another country. When they just show up at the border en mass, and the Democrats do all they can to invite them, it’s rather tough. Heck, let them sit on the other side of the border while waiting for a day in court for asylum. It’s not our job to take care of them. Why should we take care of them? They were not invited by the federal government. They’re invaders. The money should be used for our own citizens.

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