Heavy European Snow Caused By You Driving A Fossil Fueled Vehicle

You should probably keep you home at 58, too. Oh, heck, just wrap yourself in blankets. This comes from the Department Of Blaming And Linking Things To ‘Climate Change’ No Matter How Absurd. You could have imagined Monty Python doing a sketch on this back in the 70’s

Weatherwatch: climate change cooks up ideal conditions for snow

Look at all that snow in the Alps; has global warming taken a break? Alas, no, it turns out that the recent record-breaking dumps of snow across much of southern Germany, Switzerland and Austria are more likely a consequence of global warming. Why? Balmy temperatures in the North Sea and Baltic Sea are cooking up the ideal conditions to create snow.

Right now, average surface water temperatures in the North Sea are about 8C (46F), while the Baltic Sea is hovering at about 3C (37F). It might sound bracing, but as data from the Danish Meteorological Institute shows, these numbers are a good couple of degrees warmer than average for the time of year. And herein lies the problem. “Global warming enhances the current snowfall … Anomalously high sea surface temperatures in the North Sea and Baltic are loading winds from the north with moisture,” tweeted Stefan Rahmstorf of the University of Potsdam last week. Meanwhile, warmer than average air temperatures across northern Europe in early January provided the ideal environment to turn all that moisture into snow.

And that’s the extent of their “proof” that the carbon footprints of Other People are causing warming which causes heavy snow.

First they told us that the end of snow was coming. Now they blame snow on warming. Cult.

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7 Responses to “Heavy European Snow Caused By You Driving A Fossil Fueled Vehicle”

  1. ST says:

    PragerU Video – What It Takes to Become a Millionaire


  2. Liljeffyatemypuppy says:

    You can be a millionaire and not pay taxes.
    — S. Martin



  3. StillAlive says:

    Yep anything but to prepare the world for a very likely little ice age. We need a fascist NEW WORLD ORDER. This has more to do with the sunspot activity than global warming. Why?

    Let me repeat. With a dormant sun, the magnetosphere is very weak right now and when this happens the jet stream pushes much farther south. As a result polar vortexes become common. There is always water vapor in the air. This is ludicrous. The ocean is a degree or two warmer therefore its going to snow.

    No if the jet stream was farther north….the WARMER OCEAN WOULD CREATE MILD TEMPERATURES not freezing BLIZZARDS.

    Gawd. How stupid can these AGW sheeple be to buy all of this nonsense. In the meantime the AGW crowd is forcing the world into potential chaos as no one is preparing for food shortages and rationing in the coming 30-110 years. None of the governments are preparing. Chaos will most likely ensue when the snow storms don’t stop as the jet stream moves even father south with a further weakening magnetosphere and of course as Michael Mann stated just recently HMMM.. The north atlantic conveyor belt is weakening and we dont know why.

    Yes they do. They just need to grant money to keep flowing in so their families have bunkers and tons of food for what is to come. Remember if the world ever knew a disaster was coming do you think they would announce it like AOC is announcing were all gonna die in 12 years?

    Not hardly….world wide anarchy would ensue and the world order would collapse.

  4. Dana says:

    I thought that all that snow in Europe was caused by the 1500 private jets taking the elites to the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland to tell us, among other things, that global warming climate change was a huge problem.

    John Kerry, who is teaming up with Al Gore to warn us about global warming climate change, said “People will die because of the president’s decision” to withdraw from the Paris climate accords, flew all the way to Switzerland to make a political statement which he could have made in the United States.

  5. Jl says:

    But don’t forget they’re already dead from tax cuts and net neutrality….

  6. ns says:

    Well, I, for one, am going to take this seriously. I will get in my car and drive around the block a few times in hopes of burying Europe under even more snow.

  7. Monty says:

    The’re probably right because everyone knows there was no snow during the Jurassic period.
    That’s what I was taught in 3rd grade during the Ice Age.

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