California’s PG&E Is The First Big Business Casualty Of ‘Climate Change’ Or Something

The talking points have gone out to all the media outlets over the bankruptcy of energy company PG&E, and we can see all sorts of Cult of Climastrologist members writing wacky things, some in the opinion pages, some as opinion in the straight news sections. Here’s one of the craziest

PG&E: The First S&P 500 Climate Change Casualty

Nevil Chamberlain’s claim in September 1938 that his agreement with “Herr Hitler” had achieved “peace for our time” is one of the dramatic historical interludes that modern people look back upon with wonder.

How could so few at the time see that – rather than buying England a durable peace – giving Germany a green light to annex Czechoslovakia added fuel to the fire of Hitler’s ambition that would within a year spark the conflagration of the Second World War?

I believe that this week will prove similarly impactful in retrospect when viewed with a generation’s worth of hindsight.

For this week saw what is arguably the first bankruptcy of an S&P 500 firm due to the effects of Global Warming: Pacific Gas & Electric PCG.

Reuters reported on Monday that PG&E – a regulated utility that serves roughly 5.2 million households in central and northern California – was preparing to file for bankruptcy protection due to “potentially crushing” liabilities stemming from its equipment’s role in starting several of the enormously destructive fires of summer 2018.

PG&E itself attempted to blame ‘climate change’ for the fires last summer, in order to deflect blame for yet another massive wildfire caused by faulty equipment, particularly transmission lines. And most of the articles similar to above (but avoid the Hitler reference, something that is always in the forefront of unhinged leftist minds when a Republican is president) mention the equipment issues, which completely destroys the narrative that man-caused climate change is to blame.

Future investors will look back on these three months as a turning point, and wonder why the effects of climate change on the economic underpinnings to our society were not more widely recognized at the time.

Most likely they’ll look back and wonder why this heavily regulated by government company was failing to maintain its equipment, particularly in areas that were known to be historically dry and windy.

Elsewhere, we get

And on and on. But

University of Washington climate scientist Cliff Mass, a frequent critic of attempts to link western wildfires to climate warming, doesn’t think so.

“Climate change had little to do with either the Camp Fire of this November or the Wine Country Fire of October 2017,” Mass told The Daily Caller News Foundation. PG&E is liable for damages its equipment caused in massive California wildfires over the past two years. (snip)

“The fires were associated with a failing and poorly maintained power infrastructure, strong Diablo winds, and people living in appropriate locations on the wildland-urban interface,” Mass said.

The power lines were not rated for winds over 60 mph, which quite often happens in areas of California. Residents were reportedly warned of sparking wires prior to this year’s fires. And PG&E is attempting to pass on responsibility for the fires through the use of ‘climate change’, which will probably work as well as that guy who tried to use the Joe Biden defense as to why he fired his shotgun. Expect Warmists to continue the drumbeat of doom over PG&E, though, because facts and reality be damned.

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5 Responses to “California’s PG&E Is The First Big Business Casualty Of ‘Climate Change’ Or Something”

  1. Kye says:

    Solyndra was the first climate change bankruptcy.

  2. Liljeffyatemypuppy says:

    Cash for Clunkers.

    A study by University of Delaware researchers concluded that for each vehicle trade, the program had a net cost of approximately $2,000, with total costs outweighing all benefits by $1.4 billion.[11][12] A 2017 study in the American Economic Journal found that the program, intended to increase consumer spending, reduced total new vehicle spending by $5 billion.

  3. Kye says:

    Yeah Liljeffyatemypuppy, that was another radical leftist boondoggle. Cash for Clunkers actually killed the new car market for the following year as well as crippled the used car market.

  4. Professor Hale says:

    Obviously, the courts should tell P&G to stop operating until they can replace all of their power lines in the state with insulating ones. The fines were obviously just state lawyers gouging private enterprise for higher end of year bonuses. Since the courts are letting P&G keep operating with KNOWN defective powerlines, the state judiciary is now complicit in all future actions resulting from such operation. Just as all of those states taking Tobacco settlement money are complicit in spreading cancer.

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